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Ark Taming Guide: How To Tame Therizinosaurus

Here are all the tips and tricks you need to tame Therizinosaurus in Ark with this taming guide.

Ark Survival Evolved has dropped its DLC expansion pack Fjordur. It is fair to say that this pack is quite impressive with new locations to explore and dinosaurs. This open-world survival has quite a few amazing creatures that you will tame and feed as your progress. While each of these creatures has different use and needs, they are vital for your progress. Therizinosaurus is one such strong dinosaur that you will come across and quite difficult to catch. So let’s check out this taming guide and see how to tame Therizinosaurus in Ark.

How to Tame Therizinosaurus in Ark Survival Evolved


How to Tame Therizinosaurus in Ark
Image Source: Tecorsuh (YouTube)

Taming Therizinosaurus is quite difficult, and most players die trying. Here is what happens, you shoot it to knock it down but it starts chasing you and you can’t outrun it. Many players are facing the same problem so follow this taming guide to tame Therizinosaurus in Ark:

  • To trap this dinosaur, you will have to build a trap.
  • Make a 2×2 house-like structure with an open roof and ramp to climb in and a small door for you to escape.
  • Additionally, since Therizinosaurus can break a few materials, make the walls with metal.
  • Next lure the dinosaur into the trap. Shoot it with your method of choice and then let it chase you to the trap.
  • While it is inside keep shooting tranqs to knock it out, and be ready to stuff it with narcotics. Keep a high quantity of narcotics.
  • For taming it you will have to feed it Megalosaurus Egg Kibble or Exceptional Kibble. Keep high quantity in hand since crafting this item takes time.
  • As time passes and the Therizinosaurus starts eating the food, the taming percent will increase.


You can also use 4 metal billboards and trap it once it starts chasing you by making a box-like metal structure around it. Make sure there are no carnivores around while using either of the methods.

These creatures are really good for farming wood, thatch, fiber, silk, and various berries from bushes. They can even have their harvest level upgraded in the game.

That’s all there is in this taming guide, follow these steps and tame yourself a Therizinosaurus in Ark. While you are here, make sure you check out how to tame a Parasaur and other Ark guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.