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T Rex Blooket: Why Is It The Hardest One To Get?

Here's why T Rex is the hardest blook to get in Blooket.

If you have been playing Blooket, then you might that T Rex or the Tyrannosaurus Rex blooket is the hardest blook to get. But why is it so, and is there any way to get it easily? Today let’s look at everything we know about this legendary blook in Blooket.

Why Is T Rex Blooket the Hardest Blook to Get?


Tyrannosaurus Rex Blooket T-rex

In Blooket T Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex blook is only available through the Dino Box, and it has only a 0.3% drop rate chance. This makes it one of the hardest blook to get in the game. If you are lucky enough to get one, you can sell it for 200 tokens to other players.

How to Get Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) in Blook?


To get Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) in Blooket, you have to unlock Dino Box which costs 25 tokens each. There are 8 different blooks in this box with different drop rates:

  • Amber Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% chance
  • Dino Egg Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% chance
  • Dino Fossil Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% chance
  • Stegosaurus Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% chance
  • Velociraptor Blook (Rare) – 9% chance
  • Brontosaurus Blook (Rare) – 9% chance
  • Triceratops Blook (Epic) – 3.7% chance
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Blook (Legendary) – 0.3% chance

From the drop rate above, you can see that T-rex blook is the hardest one to get from this Dino Box. Can considering the fact that you need to unlock at least 333 Dino Boxes to get 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex blook as per the drop rate, the cost of 8325 tokens itself makes this one rare to get. But if you are lucky you will get this blook like many other players in the community.


Tyrannosaurus Rex blook was released alongside Deceptive Dinos Game Mode. Deceptive Dinos, like the Blook Rush, you need to find the players stealing from others while excavating dino fossils.

That’s all about this legendary blook in Blooket. While you are here, make sure to read our guides on Blooket Hacks & how to Join a Blooket Live Game.