Geometry Dash Sync Failed Error – Is There A Solution?

Check out here to know if there is a way to fix Geometry Dash’s Sync Failed error.

Geometry Dash was one of the most popular games in the past that attracted players of all age groups. After spending a long time away from this game, old players are trying to log back in. And while they are doing that, the game would simply not bring back their old data. It shows a message that says “Sync Failed. Please try again later.”

It’s been years since this issue has existed in a player’s account. That’s why, we are here to help you fix this error. That said, let’s learn if there’s any fix for the Geometry Dash’s Sync Failed error.

Is there a Fix for the Sync Failed Error in Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash Sync Failed Error Fix

After researching a lot, I have found the reason for this error to show up along with a way to tackle it. According to a comment on Geometry Dash Fandom, this error shows up when you have saved lots of levels in the game. This increases the size of the saved file that is stored on the cloud. So whenever you try to load a save file, the game will have trouble retrieving your data due to its size.

Now this does not happen with every game but due to some reasons, the servers of Geometry Dash are ridiculously slow. And just like you, there are lacs of other players who are trying to get back their saved progress as well. Maybe that’s why, it shows the Sync Failed error. Anyways, to try and resolve this problem, you can switch to a different WiFi or internet network. Or else, simply wait for a few hours and try logging in again.

Frankly, that’s everything you can do to get the Geometry Dash Sync Failed error fixed. For more information like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Geometry Dash Guides on Gamer Tweak.