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COD Warzone Symfuhny Settings 2022 – Mouse Sensitivity, Crosshair, Video & More

Here are Symfuhny's COD Warzone settings including Video settings, mouse settings, keybindings, and more.

Symfuhny, Mason Lanier (Born on 21st December 1999), is an American Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, and a professional player for games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone. His career started out from streaming H1Z1 and then to Fortnite which really took off. He is one of the best players there are in COD Warzone and has inspired a lot of players to get better at the game. Here, I am going to show you Symfuhny’s COD Warzone Settings so that you can also play like the pros.

Symfuhny COD Warzone Settings

symfuhny cod warzone

No one person keeps the same settings, not even the pros for good reasons. So for 2021, The List of Symfuhny’s COD: Warzone Settings are as follows:

Mouse Settings (DPI, Sensitivity, eDPI & more)

  • DPI: 800
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 3.50
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity: Relative
  • ADS Sens. Multiplier (High Zoom): 0.60
  • ADS Sens. Multiplier (Low Zoom): 0.66
  • ADS Sens. Transition Timing: Instant
  • Invert Mouse Look: Disabled
  • Monitor Distance Coefficient: 1.33
  • Mouse Acceleration: 0.00
  • Mouse Filtering: 0.00
  • Mouse Smoothing: Disabled
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00


  • Use: E
  • Jump/Stand/Mantle: Space Bar
  • Crouch/Slide: C
  • Prone: Z
  • Change Stance/Slide: Not Bound
  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim: Left Shift
  • Reload: R
  • Weapon Mount: Mouse Button 5
  • Alternate Fire: Right Ctrl
  • Melee/Finishing Move: Mouse Button 4
  • Use Lethal Equipment: G
  • Use Tactical Equipment: Q
  • Use Field Upgrade: X
  • Use Armor Plate: 4

Video Settings in COD Warzone

  • Display:
    • Display Mode: Fullscreen
    • Screen Refresh Rate: 240
    • Display Resolution: 1920×1080
    • Render Resolution: 100
    • Aspect Ratio: Automatic
    • Sync Every Frame (V-Sync): Disabled
    • Custom Framerate Limit: Unlimited
    • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: Enabled + Boost
    • Display Gamma: 2.2 (sRGB)
  • Details & Textures:
    • Streaming Quality: Normal
    • Texture Resolution: High
    • Texture Filter Anisotropic: High
    • Particle Quality: High
    • Bullet Impacts & Sprays: Disabled
    • Tessellation: Disabled
    • On-Demand Texture Streaming: Disabled
  • Shadow & Lighting:
    • Shadow Map Resolution: Low
    • Cache Spot Shadows: Enabled
    • Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled
    • Particle Lighting: Low
    • DirectX Raytracing: Disabled
    • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
    • Screen Space Reflection: Disabled
  • Post Processing Effects:
    • Filmic Strength: 0.00
    • DLSS: Disabled
    • Anti-Aliasing: Off
    • Depth of Field: Disabled
    • World Motion Blur: Disabled
    • Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled
    • Film Grain: 0.00
    • Dynamic Resolution: Disabled

Symfuhny COD Warzone General Settings

  • Field of View: 120.00
  • ADS Field of View: Affected
  • Brightness: 54.44
  • Horizontal HUD Bounds: 0.00
  • Vertical HUD Bounds: 0.00
  • Colorblind Type: Disabled
  • Colorblind Target: Disabled
  • Mini Map Shape: Square
  • Mini Map Rotation: Enabled

Audio Settings

  • Audio Mix: Boost High
  • Master Volume: 26.25
  • Music Volume: 0.00
  • Dialogue Volume: 0.00
  • Effects Volume: 100.00
  • Juggernaut Music: Enabled
  • Hit Marker Sound Effects: MW

Behavior Settings

  • Slide Behavior: Tap
  • Crouch Behavior: Toggle
  • Prone Behavior: Toggle
  • Automatic Airborne Mantle: Disabled
  • Sprint/Tactical Sprint Behavior: Toggle
  • Automatic Sprint: Disabled
  • Parachute Auto-Deploy: Enabled
  • Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: Enabled
  • Switch Weapon Minimum Delay: 0.00
  • Weapon Switch Wrap-Around: Enabled
  • Weapon Mount Activation: Toggle Weapon Mount Keybind
  • Weapon Mount Movement Exit: Enabled
  • Weapon Mount Exit Delay: 100.00
  • Aim Down Sight Behavior: Hold
  • Change Zoom/Toggle Hybrid Behavior: Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim Keybind
  • Equipment Behavior: Hold
  • Vehicle Camera Recenter: Enabled

Each player’s preference and liking are different. Consequently, these settings may or may not be for you. Although this does function as a frame of reference of what our Settings should look like. You can use all of these settings as they are except for Mouse Settings in COD Warzone. Also, there are some settings like the graphic quality which is kept at high. I would recommend keeping it low for those players whose systems may not be able to handle the extra processing power.

This was all about the COD Warzone Settings Symfuhny uses. Hopefully, this has helped you calibrate your Settings. Now go forth and gun down some fools. In addition, do check out our guides on Double XP Events and Error Code Blzbntbgs00003f8 fix in COD Warzone.