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Sword Master Story Character Tier List (January 2023)

Here are all the characters ranked in Sword Master Story Tier List.

Are you a long-time Sword Master Story player seeking a comprehensive tier list of all characters? Don’t worry we have tried all of them to make this list for you. So check out this list where we’ve ranked every character from best to worst.

Sword Master Story Tier List

Sword Master Story Character Tier List

The best characters start from the S+ tier and end in the C tier. S+ Tier must be considered as best and OP in the game. S Tier is Good, A Tier as Average, B tier as Below Average, and C Tier is considered worst in the game.

Here’s the full Sword Master Story Tier List (July 2022)

Cain S+ Tier
Kana S+ Tier
Megumin S+ Tier
Yui S+ Tier
Aqua S Tier
Dark Lord S Tier
Darkness S Tier
Lilith S Tier
Mary S Tier
Odin S Tier
Rachael S Tier
Aina A Tier
Artemis A Tier
Athena A Tier
Dark A Tier
Kalisia A Tier
Lucifer A Tier
Type A Tier
Ares B Tier
Belphegor B Tier
Cayron B Tier
Gaia B Tier
Joan of Arc B Tier
Raphael B Tier
Vivian B Tier
Adolph C Tier
Alice C Tier
Ananke C Tier
Bella C Tier
Ceres C Tier
Chaos C Tier
Chloe C Tier
Hera C Tier
Hestia C Tier
Hippolyta C Tier
Iris C Tier
Johan C Tier
Lyn C Tier
Medusa C Tier
Nike C Tier
Eve Worst
Lena Worst
Medea Worst
Merlin Worst
Rina Worst
Robin Worst
Sophia Worst
Sylvia Worst

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