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Surge 2 Gamescom 2019 Trailer Breakdown

The Surge 2 revealed a brand new trailer at Gamescom and it is packed to the brim with awesome action, Surge 2 lets you transform your abilities by making use of tech that enhance you.

This means that in Jericho City, you will be able to take human abilities to the next level. There is a ton to explore and this exoskeleton will give you newer and better abilities. The best way to get better upgrades is to down and opponent and snatch it off them, this gore-filled method might just make Surge 2 amazing.



You will have to hack and slash through enemies in order to get your hands on their tech, which means that combat is one of the key elements in Surge 2. Jericho City will grant you tons of opportunities in which you can better yourself. Target specific body parts of your foes that you’re interested in and then execute a move to slice it off.

You can customize the exo-rig to your liking and tune it according to how you want it to behave.



Core power will dictate how much attachments you can get for your exo-rig, every armor will have a cost which you will have to keep in mind as there will be some effects felt in the game. When you use these attachments, they will grant you partial or full bonuses which means that you will have added benefits by just using these attachments.



With injectables and implants, you get passive and active benefits which will help you with more abilities, like the ability to predict and foresee an attack, or health regeneration.


There are up to 80 weapons and 9 weapon types in Surge 2 which will surely give almost everyone a unique combat experience and more players will be able to showcase their unique style and techniques.


Each weapon will offer you different options and you can make use of different styles based on your weapons. You also get a handy drone which you can fit with attachments according to your needs giving you an extra hand in every battle.

The Surge us developed by Deck13 and is scheduled to release on September 24 for PC, Xbox, and PS4.