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Surge 2 Just Released Its Combat Trailer And It Is Phenomenal

Surge 2 is a massive improvement over its prequel and that is pretty evident in this latest trailer that dropped today titled, “The Surge 2 Combat Trailer”. What makes the game ridiculous is the fact that Surge 2 will let players rip mods from enemies to use.

You can check out the scale and the mayhem that is going to be upon us when the game finally releases. From action-packed swords and staff gameplay to a more traditional gun shoot off with futuristic guns.


The graphics and sounds look absolutely amazing and this high octane action will surely keep players fixed to their devices for a long time, judging by just the trailer Surge 2 looks it is going to raise the roof for the rest of the games that follow it.

Make sure that you travel Jericho City and uncover all of its secrets along the way.

Surge 2 has it all, make sure you check this crazy, over the top trailer which also shows some of the biggest enemies you will encounter. Seeing as this is just the trailer we’re pretty sure that there will be a ton of content when the game actually drops.


Developed by Deck 13, Surge 2 is scheduled to be released on 24 September 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.