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Best Characters Tier List & Reroll Guide In Super String

Find all the best characters in Super String along with a reroll guide.

If you are looking for a tier list featuring the best characters in Super String along with a reroll guide, you need not look any further. In this list, we will compile all of the game’s characters into different tiers. These tiers are from S to D. Here, tier S features the best characters in the game, and tier D features the worst and least-recommended characters. Additionally, we will also show you all you need to know about the reroll in Super String. So, without further ado, let’s get right into this compilation of Super String’s best characters.

Super String Tier List & Reroll Guide


S Tier in Super String

As we mentioned earlier, the S tier in this Super String list features the best characters in the game. These agents offer the best performance along with great stats. They are extremely helpful and will help you progress through the game really quickly.

S Yohan
S Oh Sejeong
S Seokhwan
S Jeon Youngha
S Kawooka
S Ajitae
S Red Swan
S Hasty
S Yak
S Cornelia
S Ha Siwoo
S Kang Haneul
S Munsu
S An Boyoung
S Brillheart
S Yun Bitnara
S Lilia
S Won Miho
S Veronika
S Suho Kang
S Kanghyeon

A Tier

The A-tier characters in Super String offer some pretty great performance. These agents have great stats, and they are quite decent with their abilities too. They only have a few drawbacks, though, because of which they narrowly miss out on a spot in the S tier. With that being said, you cannot underestimate the importance and influence of these agents in Super String.

A Ikho
A Shin Heyool
A Leonard Shin
A Jin Suho
A Mamia
A Kaira
A Diana
A Wonsul
A Back Ryong
A Kira
A Lim Hanrim
A Sando
A Min Jungwoo
A Wonhyo
A Van
A Jyu
A Kang Suki
A TaeYu
A Cha Yerin
A Catalina

B Tier

Agents in the B tier can be considered to be somewhere in the middle of this tier list. These characters are neither the best in the game, nor are they the worst. At their best, you can say these agents are between average to good. They offer some of the abilities that come with their higher-tier counterparts. However, their flaws and drawbacks pose a disadvantage, hampering their ability to make it higher up in this list.

B Lee Baeksu
B Bangia
B Jang Deokman
B Kim Han
B Kim Bong Chun
B Kang Seonghyeon
B Mago
B Marlene
B MyoWol
B Miss Hwang
B Yeongsil
B Kwae Tacheon
B Elimona
B Allen Harmon
B McMahon
B PyeongGang
B Mito
B Hong Kildong
B Kuku
B Sung Mina
B Yuuitae

C Tier

C-tier characters are just plain average. They offer nothing much to write home about and do not provide a lot of assistance. Using these characters is acceptable if you are planning to upgrade quickly. However, for anything else, we recommend you go for the higher-tier agents in the game.

C Guardian
C CRF Soldier
C Witch Clown
C Mob Member
C Don
C Captain of CRF
C Silver Goblin
C Gold Goblin
C CRF Sniper
C CRF Grenadier
C Suspicious Scientist
C CRF Medic
C CRF Bomber
C Mad Scientist
C Demon Clown
C Dolseok
C Meyer
C Samus
C Ponzol
C Rotevick
C RoyalGuard
C Yamaha
C Lee Hyeonseong
C Uchida Kyouichi
C Jenan
C Kang Huijae
C Sugal
C Eddy
C Aikawa
C Lou
C Cheol
C Phoenix
C Spelta Soldier
C Beechler

D Tier

As we mentioned earlier, the D tier in this Super String list features the worst agents in the game. We do not recommend you use them, as they offer little next to no assistance, making them practically purposeless.

D Reaper Seeker
D Tutee Reaper
D Phantom Knight
D Khersa
D Phantom Reaper
D Yoersa
D Slindier Scytheman
D Slindier Spearman
D Haunted Girl
D Hanted Boy
D Wraith Assassin
D Haunted Assassin
D Sweeper

So there you have it. These are all of the characters in Super String, ranked from tiers S to D. With the help of this list, you can easily determine the right agents to play with the next time you are in the game. Now, let us check out the Reroll for this game.

Super String Reroll Guide

Since Super String requires you to complete the lengthy four campaign levels first, rerolls can be quite difficult. This means that if you are not happy with your gacha rolls, it can be tricky to get a reroll quickly. You will need to reset your progress in order to get a reroll. In order to do so, you need to go to Settings towards the top right of your screen. Next, click on Info and then press Delete your Account. And that’s it. You will now be able to get a reroll in Super String.

And that’s it. This was our tier list and reroll guide for Super String. If you found this article helpful, take a look at our Tier Lists for your favorite games.