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Super Smash Bros (SSB) Zackray Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Find all the best characters from Super Smash Bros, ranked by The Big House 9 winner Zackray.

If you are looking for a tier list that features the best characters from Super Smash Bros (SSB), who better to look at than Zackray himself? Yes, in this tier list, we will show you the best characters from the game, ranked by The Big House 9 winner Zackray himself. The characters in this list are ranked from tiers S to F. Here, tier S represents the best characters and heroes from the game. Likewise, tier F features the worst and least-recommended characters in the game. With the help of this list, you will be able to make sure you only pick the best characters. So, without any further ado, let us get right into it.

Super Smash Bros (SSB) Zackray Tier List – Mario, Sheik & More

S Tier List in Super Smash Bros (SSB) by Zackray

As we told you earlier, the S tier in this Super Smash Bros list by Zackray features the best characters from the game. These are characters we highly recommend you use whenever you play the game. They offer you the best in terms of stats and abilities. This means you will always have an amazing experience each time you play with them.

S Pyra/Mythra
S Sheik
S Shulk

A Tier List in Super Smash Bros (SSB) by Zackray

The A tier offers characters that are quite great. Owing to the presence of a few minor drawbacks, these characters find themselves narrowly missing out on a place in the S tier. Despite this, the heroes in this tier of the SSB list offer more than enough. Save for a few areas, you will find yourself mostly enjoying their services.

A Daisy
A Diddy Kong
A Pikachu
A Pac Man
A Zero Suit Samus
A Fox
A Ash
A Lucina
A Roy
A Palutena
A Sephiroth
A Inkling
A Joker
A Min Min

B Tier

You can choose to call B-tier characters a little above average. These characters may not be as great as those in the higher tiers, but this does not mean they are useless. If you are looking for great mid-tier performance, these characters will more than satisfy your needs.

B Wario
B Mario
B Pichu
B Greninja
B Wolf
B Dark Samus
B Chrom
B Marth
B Yoshi
B Olimar
B Hero
B Snake
B Young Link
B Toon Link
B Mr. Game & Watch
B Sonic
B Cloud
B Byleth
B Corrin
B Captain Falcon
B Meta Knight
B Pit
B Ken
B Rosalina & Luma

C Tier

Characters in this tier are right in the middle. They are neither very good, nor are they bad. They find themselves average at best. These characters are decent to use if you are only looking at the short term. They are fine to use if you plan to upgrade eventually.

C Dark Pit
C Sora
C Terry
C Ryu
C Link
C Bowser
C Mega Man
C Ike
C Mewtwo
C Terry
C Steve/Alex
C Piranha Plant
C Kazuya
C Duck Hunt
C Robin
C Lucario
C Lucas
C Falco

D Tier

D Tier characters are not too great. They just slot above the F tier, which is the last in this Super Smash Bros list by Zackray. The characters in this list should only be used if you have no other option when it comes to choosing.

D Luigi
D Bowser Jr.
D Richter
D Ridley
D Banjo & Kazooie
D Wii Fit Trainer
D Ice Climbers
D Ness
D Villager
D Isabelle
D Bayonetta
D Donkey Kong
D Kirby
D Jigglypuff
D Dr. Mario
D Zelda

F Tier

As we mentioned earlier, characters in the F tier are the worst in Super Smash Bros (SSB). We do not recommend you use them, as they barely offer anything to write home about. You are better off with characters in the higher tiers.

F King K. Rool
F Little Mac
F King Dedede
F Incineroar
F Ganondorf

So there you have it. This was the Super Smash Bros (SSB) best characters tier list, as compiled by Zackray. We thank him for his efforts in this compilation. As you can now see, you have before you a great tier list you can refer to the next time you play the game.

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