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Super Smash Bros Update 3.0 – How To Download Joker

New update adds Joker, facing error find what you can do to fix it

Nintendo has started rolling Update 3.0 that brings a new feature to Super Smash Bros, and if you are facing an issue with Super Smash Bros Update 3.0 download then we have some workarounds that will help you to fix a common error like error 2137-8056. We will also try to help you out in how to download Joker for Super Smash Brows, ample of things rely on Nintendo Server, and through a tweet, the developer assured they are working on the process to resolve this problem.

How To Download Joker In Super Smash Bros

If you are facing issue while download Joker which is a part of Update 3.0 then there are some common solutions that will help you. One of the common error you will face is Error Code: 2137-8056 while downloading the Joker. Try the following.

Go to Nintendo Network Status website to find out if Nintendo’s servers are working fine. Select the region from a small list at the bottom and click Online Service status. If there is a message for server maintenance then you have to wait.

  • Reboot Switch by holding the power button for three seconds. Go to Power Options > Restart
  • Reboot your router and other networking devices and try again.
  • You can add manual DNS settings to resolve DNS issue.
  • Check your internet connection on other devices.

Error Code: 2137-8056 occur when the Switch is unable to comminute with the server, it can be due to busy network or poor signal strength. Users have tweeted that there were hours of wait time and they were constantly getting the error. The most basic thing to do is to check your internet connection for a while and ensure there is no latency. If at a time thousands of users are trying to visit a common download the server stops responding for certain reasons. If things are still not working then visit support.nintendo.com for more info.

Super Smash Bros Update 3.0 Details

The updates bring Joker from Person 5 on a brand new stage called Mementos. There are new consumers, a stage builder mode where you can create your own stages and play on it. There is also a video editor and some extra features. Below is a small list you can go through to know what are the new things in Update 3.0.

  1. Joker from Persona 5 and a new stage called “Mementos” (part of Challenger Pack 1 paid DLC*).
  2. New Mii Fighter costumes, available as paid DLC*.
  3. A new Stage Builder mode: Create your own original stages and then play on them.
  4. A new Video Editor mode: Combine video clips into new videos.
  5. A new Shared Content mode: Browse videos and stages posted by other players around the world!
  6. Smash World, a new addition to the Nintendo Switch Online™ smartphone app.
  7. Full version of the game required to use
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