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Super Mario Sunshine: How To Defeat King Boo

In this boss fight guide, I will explain how to beat King Boo in Super Mario Sunshine easily.

King Boo is one of the bosses you will face in Super Mario Sunshine (3D All Stars). With this collection, old and new players have got the chance to experience 3 Super Mario games on the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know how to beat King Boo in Super Mario Sunshine, this is how to do it.


How to Beat King Boo in Super Mario Sunshine


This boss fight is all about roulette, slot machine and King Boo’s tongue. Here, I will explain everything you need to do to win this boss battle with King Boo.

When you see the slot machine, spray water towards the boss. Doing this will activate the machine. If you see that all three fruits are same, this is your chance to attack.

What your foe will do is, he will throw out some fruits from his mouth towards you. But there will be some red chillies in there too. Rush towards one and throw it back at him, right into his mouth. That’s when you will know that he hates spicy things!

When you throw the chilli or red hot pepper into his mouth, he will react like how most of us do when we eat spicy food. Yup, he will shoot out fire from the mouth while wiggling his tongue rapidly. At this time, he is most vulnerable so go ahead and throw a fruit at him to damage him.


Note that if your slot machine ends up not matching, you will get new enemies that you need to beat or dodge. On the other hand, if you see some gold coins on the machine, you get them!

Keep doing the aforementioned process thrice and you will defeat King Boo boss in Super Mario Sunshine. That Shine Sprite will be yours! It is pretty easy once you know what exactly to do and I hope this guide helped out.

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