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Super Mario Sunshine: How To Catch Shadow Mario

Catch Shadow Mario easily.

Collecting Shine Sprites is an important part of Super Mario Sunshine. But while collecting the Shines, there’s a nuisance generated in the game, or in other words being generated by someone. This someone is Shadow Mario. Yes, you read that right, Shadow Mario shows up when you are on your hunt collecting Shine Sprites in the game to stop you from doing so. He does not actually stop you from collecting Shines but starts creating a nuisance. You need to catch him and take him down if you need to get back to peacefully collecting your Shine Sprites. But if you don’t know how to catch Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine, it can be really tough for you to collect the Shines that you require to progress in the game.

Super Mario Sunshine: How To Catch Shadow Mario

When you have collected a certain number of Shine Sprites, Shadow Mario will be spawned in the game. Don’t worry because his location will be highlighted on the map. You need to get to that location and find the Shadow Mario. As soon as you spot Shadow Mario and he spots you back, he will begin his run.

Now what you need to do is chase him and spray water on him to take him down. To do this, you will need to press the ZR button while he is in your aim radar. However, it is easier said than done. Shadow Mario will not run a straight path. He will take some sudden turns and will constantly keep on changing his direction, making it harder for you to get a nice aim.

So, in the end, it is all about practising your aim. It won’t be possible in the first few attempts, but once you get hold of it, catching Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine will become a lot simpler for you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to catch Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine. Catching Shadow Mario is not the major thing you should be focused upon, instead, you should be thinking about how to get to the Corona Mountain. That’s where you will find the boss of the game and defeating him will take you to the end credits of Super Mario Sunshine.