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Super Mario Party: How To Play With Friends In Online Multiplayer

Here’s everything you need to know about the Super Mario Party Online Multiplayer Update

Super Mario Party is the ultimate party game. With numerous easy yet competitive games Super Mario Party became a necessity for every party. The problem was every player needed a Joycon as there was no online multiplayer. Almost 3 years after its release Nintendo has finally released an online multiplayer update for Super Mario Party. This update allows players to play almost all the mini-games online with fellow Switch friends. Mini-games like these are meant to be played with friends, so this update will excite the fans. Let’s see how you can play Super Mario Party with friends in the online multiplayer.

Online Multiplayer Update Super Mario Party


Super Mario Party Online Multiplayer Update

To play online with friends all you need to do is at the start of the game select the Mario Party option. After selecting you will get the option of Offline play and online play. Select the Online play option and you will see the Friend Match and Private game options. Private games are password protected whereas the Friend matches aren’t. You can also select if two players will be playing per system or 1 per system, so you have a 2v2 option as well. You can join a room or create one, Once the room is made all you have to do is wait for your friends to join.

Out of the 80 mini-games, 70 of them can be played online with friends. The update only allows you to play with your friends only, which means you cannot play with random players online. This update is different from the Mariothon as there you could compete with your friends but on a global leaderboard. Here you can create a room and play small friendly matches with your friends anytime. This update is free and was very awaited, so we would recommend you to download it now.


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