How to Play With Friends – Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer Guide

Learn how to play co-op

Super Mario Maker 2 brings back the experience of side-scrolling Mario world where you can build your own levels and play with friend and family. Players can create custom experience by designing levels and sharing them with others. It more fun to have your own levels where you can place traps, design a full level and add enemies. Super Mario Maker 2 also supports Co-op. This means you can play with your friends under and enjoy Multiplayer experience on your custom levels.

Super Mario Maker 2 allows local co-op where you can play with your friends and families on Nintendo Switch. In this Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer guide, you will learn on how to play local co-op on Nintendo Switch to have more fun. You can add two or more players to the game, and you can also play online, all settings to set up the co-op, online multiplayer is provided below in this Super Mario Maker 2 guide.

How To Setup Super Mario Maker 2 Co-op On Switch

  1. Go to Course World and choose the course you want to play with your friends.
  2. Download the course and choose an open slot to save it.
  3. You can download upto 60 courses at one time, and save 32 slots you had created.
  4. Visit the Coursebot and select the Course.
  5. Move your analog stick to the right side of the screen where you can see the alien heads, click on Play Together.
  6. Next activate Joy-con controller. You can add upto four players in one single time. Four players can control Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Toadette. Player one will be Mario while others will control the remaining characters. Enjoy playing with your friends.

How To Play Super Mario Maker 2 Online Multiplayer

  1. You will need multiple Nintendo Switch consoles to play online multiplayer in Super Mario Maker 2. Go to the Course World and select Network Play. You will see a Leaderboard with live players.
  2. This is the Verus play that will offer you a better experience compared to the local co-op.
  3. Here you cannot directly pick your friend, whichever player is online you can play with them.

Nintendo will release certain updates in the future allowing players to choose their own clan, but right now have fun with the online players.

With playing on co-op mode on the same switch console, online and wireless multiplayer you can also create levels with friends. Yes, you can simply take help from your friend to create a competitive level and enjoy player Super Mario Maker 2. Two players can create levels in the game, just go to the alien head to the lower left side of the screen and first activate Joy-Con after clicking on Play together. Each friend will grab on Joy-con controller and pick between Mario or Luigi. Mario can use the copy function, access menu and erase parts while Luigui can select parts using the menu and erase them.