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Super Auto Pets Tier List – Best Pets Ranked

The tier list of the best animals in Super Auto Pets.

If you are looking for a tier list of the best pets in Super Auto Pets, you need not look any further. In this article, we will rank all of the fun game’s characters, helping you decide which ones you should pick the next time you play the game. These pets are ranked from tier S to tier D. Here, tier S features the best pets, and tier D features the worst and least recommended ones. So, without further ado, let us get straight into it!

Super Auto Pets Tier List



S Tier in Super Auto Pets

As we told you earlier, the S tier in this Super Auto Pets tier list features the best characters of the game. We absolutely recommend you pick these characters so that you have a great experience. These pets will help you win games quite effortlessly, and you will find this when you start using them in the game.

S Ant
S Beaver
S Cricket
S Duck
S Fish
S Horse
S Otter
S Mosquito
S Pig

A Tier

The A tier of this list features pets that are great but lack in a few areas, ranking them just a little lower than their S-tier counterparts. Mind you, this does not mean you underestimate these pets in any way, because they still offer amazing stats. They are great alternatives to pets in the S tier, and you will love using them too.

A Dog
A Crab
A Dodo
A Elephant
A Rat
A Flamingo
A Peacock
A Hedgehog
A Swan
A Shrimp
A Spider

B Tier

Pets in the B tier can be considered to be between good and average. These characters offer decent performance and can be quite fun to use. They are great options if you do not have higher-ranked pets, so you should not have any problems using them.

B Badger
B Giraffe
B Kangaroo
B Blowfish
B Camel
B Ox
B Snail
B Rabbit
B Sheep
B Whale
B Turtle

C Tier

C tier pets in this list are average at best. Their tendency to not perform so well in battles may see you look for options elsewhere. You should only use them if you have no other option, and are going to upgrade soon anyways.

C Deer
C Bison
C Hippo
C Dolphin
C Penguin
C Monkey
C Worm
C Squirrel
C Rooster
C Skunk

D Tier

Like we told you earlier, the D tier features the worst pets in Super Auto Pets. These are pets that we do not recommend you to use at all, as you will not find them helpful during battles.

D Rhino
D Cow
D Parrot
D Crocodile
D Turkey
D Seal
D Shark
D Scorpion
D Dragon
D Cat
D Fly
D Snake
D Mammoth
D Leopard
D Gorilla
D Tiger

So there you have it. These are all of the pets in Super Auto Pets, ranked from best to worst. With that being said, the choices for this tier list are personal, and they can vary across players. Because of this, we recommend you play the game and get a feel for things yourself, after which you will be able to decide which pets you like.

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