How Tall Are Sundrop/Moondrop & Gregory In FNAF Security Breach?

Wondering how tall are Sundrop/Moondrop & Gregory In FNAF SB? Here's an estimation about their height in feet & cm.

FNAF Security Breach is the new installment in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series which has received very positive reviews. Fans of the franchise have seen some returning characters as well as been introduced to some new ones. In FNAF Security Breach, you play as Gregory who encounters quite a few terrifying entities and one of them is the Sun at the Daycare. Many are curious to know how tall are Sundrop/Moondrop as well as Gregory in FNAF Security Breach and we will give you just the answer you are searching for.

How Tall is Sundrop/Moondrop in FNAF Security Breach?

how tall is sun drop moon drop fnaf security breach

The Sundrop is the daycare assistant who has an ‘alter ego’ of the Moon. He is estimated to be anything between 6 feet to 7 feet (182.88 – 213.36 cm). Sundrop dresses like a jester/clown with a sun head, striped pants and also has long legs. His posture has a bit of a hunch so he could easily reach 7 ft when he stands straight. But, there’s no confirmation from the developers about his height yet. All of this is just speculation at this point.

As you know, the Moondrop version becomes activated when the lights go off. And when that happens, the moon becomes a creepier antagonist with glowing red eyes. Nothing else changes about his body, so Moondrop’s height remains the same – anything around 6 to 7 ft.

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How Tall is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

how tall is gregory and age in fnaf sb

Gregory is estimated to be of 10 to 12 years of age, based on his behavior, logical thinking and physical attributes. His height is speculated to be around 4.5 feet (137.16 cm) since he is described as a ‘short boy’. Again, this is not confirmed by the developers and is merely speculation from the community.

Hopefully, this answers your questions regarding the height of Sundrop/Moondrop and Gregory in FNAF Security Breach. If you’d like to know all endings, how to decommission animatronics and learn the best ways to hide in this game, check out our FNAF SB guides on Gamer Tweak.

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