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How To Fix Sundown Bug In Far Cry 6?

Read this guide to learn how to fix the Sundown bug in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 has unfortunately witnessed a lot of bugs in its missions, and the Sundown mission too has fallen victim to one of these issues. The error will not allow you to track the mission on your map, making it difficult to keep a check on your progress. In this guide, we will bring an end to all of your hassles with this bug by showing you how to fix it.

How To Fix Sundown Bug In Far Cry 6?


Go Back to the Location in the Sundown Mission

If you experience the bug in Sundown that causes your mission progress to disappear on the map, we recommend you go back to the camp that is at the start of the mission. Since you cannot fast travel to the camp, you will need to go there either by car or by flying to the said location. Once you do so, you will find yourself back in the cutscene. If this does not solve your issue, you might need to continue reading this guide for some other solutions.

Check for Far Cry 6 Updates

There is a possibility that the error might occur due to an outdated version of the game. In order to rule out this potential cause, we recommend you to check if there are any pending updates. If you do find such updates that are yet to be installed, you should download them.

Once you download the said updates, check to see if the bug persists during the Sundown mission. If it does not appear, it means your issue is rectified. However, if it does persist, you might need to take a look at the other solutions in this guide.

Restart Far Cry 6 to fix Sundown Bug

This is a really simple solution. Just close Far Cry 6 and launch it again. Once the game launches, make sure to go back to the Sundown mission. Now, check if you can track your progress on the map. Please note that while doing so, you might lose the current progress of your mission, as you will be closing the game. Make sure to save progress, if any.

Re-Install Far Cry 6

If all else fails, you might be compelled to uninstall the game and then install it back onto your device. Doing so might just about do the trick.

And that’s it. These are all of the possible solutions to the bug in the Sundown mission in Far Cry 6. As you can see, this bug is not a major one. It can, however, be rather annoying so it is better to fix it as soon as possible.

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