Everything You Need To Know About Summon Simulator In Genshin Impact

The Summon Simulator of Genshin Impact shows players how likely they are to get a 5 star character or weapon based upon their luck without spending money.

Genshin Impact summon simulator gives the players a glimpse into how the rolling system in the game works, how your luck affects, and how many times do you have to roll to get a 5-star character or weapon in the game. If you’re still wishing to know more about Genshin Impact’s Summon Simulator, you’ve got to check this guide out.

What Is Genshin Impact Summon Simulator

The summon simulator shows Genshin Impact’s Gacha System without players having to invest any real money. If you wish to get your hands on a 5 star character or weapon in the game. The Summon Simulator will show you how likely you are to get one and how many tries it will take. It is purely luck based and depending on your luck, you can get one on the first try or it can even take you multiple tries.

This can also be an eye-opener because the Gacha system basically works like a lottery ticket and you could end up spending hundreds of dollars before you get your favorite character or weapon in the game.

What Is Genshin Impact Summon Simulator

Since everything is randomly generated, using it will give you much of an insight as to how rare it is to get a good 5 star rated character like Diluc.

We tried two different Summon Simulators for Genshin Impact and the results were astounding, for us to get a 5-star character we did need about a couple of tries. This version of Summon Simulator more likely gave us a lot of 3-star characters and items while 5 starred ones seemed to be a rare occurrence.

After that, we tried another version of summon simulator which more or less was the same. This one however gave us a lot more 4 star items and characters than we’d hoped for but 5-star characters and weapons were once again a rarity.

Considering the fact that it takes about 1600 Primogems to roll a ten-pack. It does not look like a great idea for anyone to try their luck.

This is all there is to know about what the summon simulator is in Genshin Impact. If wishes aren’t going your way maybe you should divert your attention towards