Lost Ark Can’t Summon Mount Error Fix

Here is how you can fix the Lost Ark can't summon mount error in the game.

Just like any other MMO Action RPG, Lost Ark has always had a ton of bugs. Even though this is a great game, sometimes, you just can’t help the issues that you run into. While there are bugs that you can look into, sometimes, there are updates that just rearrange where your favorite stuff is in the game. Recently, there were a lot of bugs coming in the way of gameplay in Lost Ark. One of these is the inability to summon mount in the game. If you too can’t summon your mount in Lost Ark then this is the guide for you.

Lost Ark Can’t Summon Mount Bug Fix

How to Fix the Lost Ark Can't Summon Mount Bug

To fix the Lost Ark can’t summon mount bug, you should check out these solutions.

  • Turn your game off and on again
  • Sign out and Log back into the game again
  • Swap characters

If you use the mount enough, the same will most likely be in your highlighted section rather than your inventory. This will make it easier to find Mounts in the game.

After you do this, you can easily detect which of the above is causing the pesky mount error on Lost Ark. It’s a quick fix from here.

This was how you can fix the lost ark cant summon mount error and stop it from appearing on your game. We hope that this article has helped you!

Hopefully, you won’t need to use this guide again but seeing as to how common this error is, it could reoccur again at any time. And if that happens, this Gamer Tweak guide is here for you. So keep it bookmarked if you are constantly facing this issue in the game.

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