Why Suicide Squad Game Received Backlash & Release Date Delayed?

Here is why the Suicide Squad game was not well received by the fans and is now delayed.

The Release date for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League just got delayed. While you can still see the original dates on their official website, at the time of writing this article. There are multiple reasons why it could be true. And these reasons are mostly tied to the negative response the game has received recently. So here is the backlash explained for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

What is the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Backlash about?

suicide squad kill the justice league release date delayed

There are many things about the game that the fans don’t like. Let us start with the constant online connection. For a single-player game, there is no need for you to constantly have access to the internet. And that is one of the biggest reasons that the fans are mad and disappointed at the game. Especially since these are the same developers who made the beloved Arkham series.

Another reason, players are not liking this game is because of the game’s battle pass. While the game does say the battle pass will give cosmetic-only items, and that it won’t affect the gameplay. The reason not many players are happy about a battle pass is that this game already costs 70$. Battle pass mechanism is accepted more in free-to-play games like Overwatch 2, Valorant, Fortnite, and others.

Lastly, tying back to the first point. Having an online-only game is a problem because if the game doesn’t sell well. The developers will eventually shut down the servers. So not only are you losing the Co-op aspect but also the story mode of the game. And this makes many players question, whether buying the game is even worth it if they won’t be able to play it again later in the future.

Did the Suicide Squad Game Release Date Get Delayed?

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has been delayed from 26th May 2023, to later this year. Bloomberg’s reporter Jason Schreier reported this yesterday, you can check out their Tweet here. But like many fans, if you were disappointed by the game’s trailers, you shouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. It turns out this delay is just to polish the game. The developers most likely, won’t be removing its game-as-a-service features.

That is about everything that you should know about the Release Delay and Backlash for Suicide Squad kill the Justice League. Be sure to check out Gamer Tweak for more such News on other things gaming.