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Subnautica: How To Get Nitrox Multiplayer Mod?

Is there a way to play Subnautica with friends, let’s see how to get the Multiplayer mode in Subnautica?

Subnautica brought a major twist to the survival genre. A survival game set underwater is a unique setting in itself. The game follows the main character stuck on an alien planet that is mostly submerged. The underwater world is highly detailed with corals, caves, and wild sea creatures. While there are many positives in Subnautica one major downside is there is no multiplayer mode in the game. Survival games are best enjoyed with friends but sadly one of the most unique survival didn’t have multiplayer. The fan community couldn’t digest it and built a Multiplayer mod themselves called Nitrox. Let’s see how to get the Nitrox multiplayer mod in Subnautica.

How to Get the Nitrox Multiplayer Mod In Subnautica?

The Nitrox mod was built by a user named Sunrunner37. To get the mod players will have to download it from nitrox.rux.gg. You will also need to download Hamachi to create and join servers. Once you have downloaded both of these the installation will be like any other software. Both the mod and Hamachi are safe to download so don’t worry about that. Once you are done installing start Subnautica from steam and you will see a multiplayer option on the home screen. In case you have any problem with the downloading and installation do check out this video.

Details About The Nitrox Mod

The mod is supported by Windows and Steam and it gives you an in-game chat option as well which works cross-platform. The developers wanted to add a multiplayer mode but given the detailing of the game, it would cost them many hours. This didn’t seem feasible especially when they had the option to build a sequel. The detailing of the game is also the reason why it took so much time to build a multiplayer mod. The mod allows you to explore and build centers with your friends. You won’t be able to access any story mode missions. There are some issues with the mod like how the number of creatures spawn becomes 2x because there are two players. The mod is ever-evolving and Sunrunner37 is working every day to make it better, so the experience gets smoother every day.

Fans of the game were expecting a multiplayer mode in Subnautica Below Zero but were disappointed here as well. While the Nitrox mod works with Subnautica it isn’t available for the sequel Subnautica Below Zero. The developers have said that they are currently focused on making the original mod better so don’t expect the Below Zero mod anytime soon.

This was all you needed to know about the Multiplayer mod, do check out our article to know how the timeline of Subnautica Below Zero connects to its prequel.