Subnautica Below Zero: How To Get The Rebreather?

Here’s how to get the Rebreather in Subnautica Below Zero

Players spend a major chunk of Subnautica Below Zero underwater exploring the sea for resources and information. While the predecessor didn’t Below zero lays heavy focus on the oxygen consumption with the introduction of the Heat meter as well. There are multiple items left behind by the previous explorers on 4546B which Riley can use, one of them is the Rebreather. The Rebreather is a device that can help our character conserve oxygen. Let’s see how to get the Rebreather in Subnautica Below Zero.

How To Get The Rebreather In Subnautica Below Zero?

Subnautica Below Zero Rebreather
We start from the big snow mountain near the drop pod, it is easy to spot with the ice spikes luring on it. Get underneath the ice spikes and set the direction to two ticks left of Southwest and head in that direction for 500 meters. There is a high chance you might encounter the Brute shark and given that it does 30 damage, try your best to stay away from them. Another issue players might face is lack of oxygen so fill your tankers accordingly. While heading in that direction make sure you are very close to the surface level. Once you are 500 meters away from the starting point head straight downwards, you will some sharks as well so move accordingly.

We have to go as deep as 170 meters, at that depth you will see a platform with a Databox, go close to it and you will find the blueprint for the Rebreather. Keep in mind that you will get the Oxygen efficiency decreasing warning so be quick while grabbing the blueprint. Once you have the blueprint just go to any center nearby which has a fabricator, put the blueprint in the fabricator and you will have your Rebreather.

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