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Subnautica Below Zero: Is It A Prequel?

Let’s dig deeper and see if Subnautica Below Zero is A Prequel?

Subnautica is all about exploring the unknown sea on an alien planet, but there are some reasons why you are there. The first installment is set in the late 22nd century. It follows the story of Alterra, a corporation focused on interstellar travel and exploration of other planets. You play as Dr. Riley, as the lone survivor on the alien planet 4546B. Dr. Riley explores the planet which is almost submerged underwater, gathers resources, and uses tech left by people who died at 4546B trying to find their way out. Riley manages to make his way back on earth so let’s see where the sequel Subnautica Below Zero stands in the timeline and how it connects with the first installment.

Is Subnautica Below Zero A Prequel?


Subnautica Below Zero takes place 2 years after the events of the first Subnautica. You play Robin Ayou, the main protagonist. Robin is on planet 4546B to investigate the mysterious death of her sister Sam Ayou. Alterra claims that she died due to employee negligence. Robin takes it upon herself to find out the real reason. Before moving forward I would like to warn players that we are heading into massive spoiler territory for Subnautica Below Zero, so proceed at your discretion.

Robin lands on 4546B besides a giant meteor to not detected by Alterra. No surprise the landing doesn’t go well and she has to drop in the ocean, whole her pod explodes. On her own Robin goes to another pod where the AI voice instructs her on the resources she needs to get. In this process, she finds the big Alien tech cube. Which captures her brain, and now the alien AL-AN is stuck in her head. Robin also meets Marguerit, who is initially attacking you and not easy to talk to. After doing some tasks for Marguerit. We get access to her and Sam’s audiotape where we get to know that Sam is dead. The audiotapes give us insight into how Sam died. We also get to know how she found a very rare alien species on the planet.

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