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Subnautica Below Zero: How To Make The Enameled Glass?

Let’s see how you can gather the items and forge the Enameled Glass In Subnautica Below Zero

Exploring the deep sea isn’t easy. There are several resources using which players can forge items that will help them on their journey in Subnautica Below Zero. The enameled glass is one such item which is used to forge multiple suits, habitat builders, Mobile vehicle bay, etc. Players can’t find the enameled glass lying around, it has to be crafted using the fabricator. Let’s see what you need and how you can make the Enameled glass in Subnautica Below Zero.

How To Make The Enameled Glass In Subnautica Below Zero?


Subnautica Below Zero Enameled Glass
To forge the Enameled glass you will need two Quartz and stalker teeth. While quartz is very easy to find and you can find them lying around even at 10-20 meters of depth, getting the stalker’s teeth is the difficult part. To get the Stalker’s teeth you’ll need to find an area full of stalkers. This can be a bit difficult which is why we have another way. Try dropping a large chunk of metal debris at one place. Stalkers are attracted to debris so in sometime, you will see stalkers around the debris. Wait for them to finish whatever they do with the debris, after which they will drop their teeth.

Once you have gathered the stalker teeth and two Quartz get back to the base to the Fabricator. At the Fabricator, go to the Resources tab under which you will find Glass and in the tab, it will also mention the ingredients needed to forge it. Use the Quartz to form the Glass. After forming glass combine it with the Stalker teeth which will give you the Enameled glass. There are multiple uses of Enameled glass. We recommend you collect as many Quartz and Stalker teeth as you can.

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