Subnautica 3 Release Date Possibly In 2025, Early Access In Late 2024?

Great news for Subnautica fans as teased by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and Publisher Krafton.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has confirmed that not only is Subnautica 3 officially in development, but we can expect to hear more about its early access launch in 2024. It most likely won’t be directly called Subnautica 3 because the next installment in the series is bound to have an interesting name based on the theme.

Subnautica 3 Release Date Teased

The developers shared, “Your recent excitement for the next game in the Subnautica universe has been infectious. While we’re not quite ready to surface more info, keep watching this space. We’ll share more about our Early Access plans in 2024!”

They further added, “Wow. The response to this post has been incredible. And, just to be 100% clear, we will be sharing our plans in 2024. Early Access itself will need a little bit longer in the Fabricator.”

By “a little bit longer”, speculations arise that Subnautica 3 may launch in an Early Access version either in late 2024 or early 2025 and the full release may be anytime from mid-to-late 2025 or early 2026, depending on the progress, how long the devs want to stay in Early Access and changes based on player feedback.

It’s worth noticing that they used a Rocket ship emoji which some are speculating could be related to a space theme. Was that a tweet with a hidden message or are fans looking too much into it? While the developers remain tight-lipped about the specific location and story of Subnautica 3, they’ve hinted at an even more ambitious and expansive experience. We will know more in 2024.

subnautica below zero
Source: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

While Below Zero was planned as a DLC for Subnautica, its scope grew bigger and it became a standalone product. The full game was released in early access mode on January 30, 2019, and then it was released on May 14, 2021. Its predecessor was released for Windows and macOS on January 23, 2018.

Krafton, the South Korean company behind PUBG, acquired Unknown Worlds Entertainment in 2021. In a presentation (thanks Rock Paper Shotgun), publisher Krafton revealed that it is targeting a 2025 launch for the next Subnautica game, but there were no more details shared.

krafton presentation with subnautica

You can check out the presentation here which says the next Subnautica is to be released on PC and consoles in 1H25 (first half of 2025).

It still stays in the Adventure/Survival genre which is perfect for long-time fans. Some theories are pointing towards an online co-op multiplayer mode addition, and many are keeping their fingers crossed for this feature.

Subnautica and its sequel, Below Zero, have hooked players with their immersive underwater worlds, intense survival mechanics, and ever-present sense of danger. It not only provided elements of exploration, crafting, and base-building, but the sequel also brought along a gripping narrative. The game and series as a whole are so popular that even a co-op multiplayer mod for Subnautica has had 1M+ downloads.

By January 2020, more than 5.23 million copies of Subnautica had been sold across all platforms.

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