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Grounded Stump Lab Location – How To Enter It

Can’t find the Stump Lab location in Grounded? We got you covered.

Imagine you wake up one fine day and everything around you is ginormous. Or rather, you have shrunk to the size of an ant. Grounded gives you the entire experience in a thrilling, funny, and exciting way. Developed by Obsidian, Grounded is one of the most immersive games on the market. You have to survive and push your way through a backyard. As you are doing so, you will come across many landscapes. In this article, we are going to talk about the location of one such area known as Stump Lab in Grounded.


Where is the Stump Lab Location in Grounded

Stump Lab Location on Map

The Stump Lab is located in the Upper Grasslands. Now you may have to be careful. Upper Grasslands is swarming with terrible bugs around every corner. But it’s a high-risk, high-reward location. You will also find tons of resources like dandelion tufts, gum nuggets, spicy shards, etc. that will help you in your survival journey. You will find the Stump Landmark on the far-east side of the Upper Grasslands. It holds the Stump Lab.

How to Enter?

Pond Lab Entrance
Image Source: JADECRAFT on Youtube

The entrance of the Stump Lab is fairly easy to find. It is sticking out of the ground and you won’t miss it. The tricky part is opening the door. First, you will have to defeat the manager at the Black Ant Hill Lab and get his key card. Then you will have to enter the Pond Lab through the underwater post located on the southern wall of the pond. There won’t be any prompt to open the lab. You will have to swim to the entrance and bump into it, it will open up. Swim inside and on the right, you will have to use the keycard to open the door. Look for a red button with a little CCTV. Press that button and the Stump Lab entrance will open.


Why Should You Explore the Stump Lab?

The Stump Lab is one of the trickiest labs to navigate as the lab is flipped sideways. You won’t find any enemies in the lab, but the lab is enough to frustrate you. Since it’s flipped, you will have to climb up the floors to explore all the rooms. But you will find the Orchid Mantis Kebab recipe there. This is a special item that is crucial to summon the Mantis Boss.

That is all from us on the location of the Stump Lab in Grounded. We hope this guide made your survival and exploration journey a bit easier. For more guides on the same, check out our Grounded section soon.