How To Fix Stuck On Train Loading In Honkai Star Rail

Junaid Shaikh
2 Min Read

As with most games on launch, Honkai: Star Rail has some issues like the loading screen being stuck on the train screen. Many fans of the previous Hoyoverse title; Genshin impact, are trying to play this new title. Servers are being impacted as it is but people are also facing several other issues. Some can’t even get past the initial loading screen that features the train from the game called the Astral Express. If you are facing this same issue, here is how you can potentially fix it.

Fix for Loading Screen Stuck on Train in Honkai Star Rail

train stuck loading honkai star rail

The only fix for the loading screen stuck on the train in Honkai: Star Rail is to keep retrying until it isn’t stuck anymore. This is confirmed by users on Reddit and through discussions on social media. This issue could be caused due to the server being overloaded and not being able to keep up. Since many new players are trying to play and try out the game.

You can also try logging in at a different time as it might be fixed with time. According to users, deleting and reinstalling the game does not fix this issue. It is best you don’t waste time re-downloading the game just to try fixing it through that method.

Some other things that you can try in order to fix the train stuck on the loading screen issues are as follows:

  • Change your Wifi/Mobile data to a different one
  • Select a different server than the default one selected for you
  • Wait and try again after some time has passed.

That is how you can fix the loading screen being stuck on the train in Honkai: Star Rail. Once you are able to access the game, our article on how to farm Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail might help you. Also, check out if the server is down in Honkai Star Rail here.