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Strixhaven Draft Tier List Ranked From Best To Worst

Here is a Cards tier list ranked from best to worst in Strixhaven School of Mages STX

Strixhaven: School of Mages has some of the most powerful cards and players will require a draft Tier List for them to choose the best one of the lot. So in this guide, we have ranked the cards in STX from best to worst.

Strixhaven: School of Mages Draft Tier List June 2021


Here is a draft tier list for Strixhaven: School of Mages from best to worst.

Professor Onyx S Black
Shadrix Silverquill S Multicolored
Valentin, Dean of the Vein A MDFCs
Uvilda, Dean of Perfection A MDFCs
Rowan, Scholar of Sparks A MDFCs
Plargg, Dean of Chaos A MDFCs
Velomachus Lorehold A Multicolored
Lorehold Command A Multicolored
Hofri Ghostforge A Multicolored
Dramatic Finale A Multicolored
Mascot Exhibition A Colorless
Crux of Fate A Mystical Archive
Day of Judgment A Mystical Archive
Mavinda, Students’ Advocate A White
Shaile, Dean of Radiance A MDFCs
Mila, Crafty Companion A MDFCs
Multiple Choice A Blue
Archmage Emeritus A Blue
Sedgemoor Witch A Black
Poet’s Quill A Black
Efreet Flamepainter A Red
Crackle with Power A Red
Gnarled Professor A Green
Rootha, Mercurial Artist A Multicolored
Radiant Scrollwielder A Multicolored
Kasmina, Enigma Sage A Multicolored
Galazeth Prismari A Multicolored
Elemental Expressionist A Multicolored
Body of Research A Multicolored
Blade Historian A Multicolored
Beledros Witherbloom A Multicolored
Swords to Plowshares A Mystical Archive
Sparring Regimen A White
Extus, Oriq Overlord A MDFCs
Tanazir Quandrix A Multicolored
Blot Out the Sky A Multicolored
Professor of Symbology B White
Combat Professor B White
Blex, Vexing Pest B MDFCs
Wandering Archaic B MDFCs
Kelpie Guide B Blue
Frost Trickster B Blue
Dream Strix B Blue
Mage Hunters’ Onslaught B Black
Heated Debate B Red
Draconic Intervention B Red
Conspiracy Theorist B Red
Master Symmetrist B Green
Venerable Warsinger B Multicolored
Rip Apart B Multicolored
Returned Pastcaller B Multicolored
Quintorius, Field Historian B Multicolored
Prismari Command B Multicolored
Maelstrom Muse B Multicolored
Killian, Ink Duelist B Multicolored
Environmental Sciences B Colorless
Hall of Oracles B Lands
Putrefy B Mystical Archive
Lightning Helix B Mystical Archive
Shock B Mystical Archive
Doom Blade B Mystical Archive
Demonic Tutor B Mystical Archive
Time Warp B Mystical Archive
Thunderous Orator B White
Dueling Coach B White
Torrent Sculptor B MDFCs
Mentor’s Guidance B Blue
Bury in Books B Blue
Necrotic Fumes B Black
Lash of Malice B Black
Eyetwitch B Black
Callous Bloodmage B Black
Brackish Trudge B Black
Professor of Zoomancy B Green
Mage Duel B Green
Emergent Sequence B Green
Devouring Tendrils B Green
Bookwurm B Green
Accomplished Alchemist B Green
Witherbloom Apprentice B Multicolored
Spiteful Squad B Multicolored
Silverquill Command B Multicolored
Rise of Extus B Multicolored
Quandrix Pledgemage B Multicolored
Quandrix Cultivator B Multicolored
Pest Summoning B Multicolored
Inkling Summoning B Multicolored
Humiliate B Multicolored
Fractal Summoning B Multicolored
Dina, Soul Steeper B Multicolored
Decisive Denial B Multicolored
Creative Outburst B Multicolored
Biomathematician B Multicolored
Electrolyze B Mystical Archive
Natural Order B Mystical Archive
Harmonize B Mystical Archive
Cultivate B Mystical Archive
Eliminate B Mystical Archive
Tezzeret’s Gambit B Mystical Archive
Memory Lapse B Mystical Archive
Counterspell B Mystical Archive
Compulsive Research B Mystical Archive
Leonin Lightscribe C White
Elite Spellbinder C White
Selfless Glyphweaver C MDFCs
Kianne, Dean of Substance C MDFCs
Augmenter Pugilist C MDFCs
Tempted by the Oriq C Blue
Flunk C Black
Baleful Mastery C Black
Retriever Phoenix C Red
Igneous Inspiration C Red
Dragonsguard Elite C Green
Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy C Multicolored
Vanishing Verse C Multicolored
Quandrix Command C Multicolored
Quandrix Apprentice C Multicolored
Mortality Spear C Multicolored
Magma Opus C Multicolored
Closing Statement C Multicolored
Mizzix’s Mastery C Mystical Archive
Lightning Bolt C Mystical Archive
Star Pupil C White
Pillardrop Rescuer C White
Guiding Voice C White
Defend the Campus C White
Flamescroll Celebrant C MDFCs
Snow Day C Blue
Pop Quiz C Blue
Oriq Loremage C Black
Leech Fanatic C Black
Tome Shredder C Red
Sudden Breakthrough C Red
Storm-Kiln Artist C Red
Enthusiastic Study C Red
Ardent Dustspeaker C Red
Scurrid Colony C Green
Honor Troll C Green
Fortifying Draught C Green
Ecological Appreciation C Green
Bayou Groff C Green
Basic Conjuration C Green
Stonebound Mentor C Multicolored
Spirit Summoning C Multicolored
Silverquill Pledgemage C Multicolored
Shadewing Laureate C Multicolored
Relic Sloth C Multicolored
Reconstruct History C Multicolored
Moldering Karok C Multicolored
Infuse with Vitality C Multicolored
Harness Infinity C Multicolored
Golden Ratio C Multicolored
Deadly Brew C Multicolored
Daemogoth Woe-Eater C Multicolored
Team Pennant C Colorless
Letter of Acceptance C Colorless
Expanded Anatomy C Colorless
Witherbloom Campus C Lands
Silverquill Campus C Lands
Quandrix Campus C Lands
Prismari Campus C Lands
Lorehold Campus C Lands
Growth Spiral C Mystical Archive
Snakeskin Veil C Mystical Archive
Abundant Harvest C Mystical Archive
Sign in Blood C Mystical Archive
Agonizing Remorse C Mystical Archive
Negate C Mystical Archive
Gods Willing C Mystical Archive
Ephemerate C Mystical Archive
Approach of the Second Sun C Mystical Archive
Study Break C White
Strict Proctor C White
Show of Confidence C White
Semester’s End C White
Reduce to Memory C White
Vortex Runner C Blue
Curate C Blue
Burrog Befuddler C Blue
Arcane Subtraction C Blue
Specter of the Fens C Black
Crushing Disappointment C Black
Twinscroll Shaman C Red
Illustrious Historian C Red
Explosive Welcome C Red
Reckless Amplimancer C Green
Leyline Invocation C Green
Big Play C Green
Thrilling Discovery C Multicolored
Prismari Apprentice C Multicolored
Oggyar Battle-Seer C Multicolored
Lorehold Apprentice C Multicolored
Introduction to Annihilation C Colorless
Vineglimmer Snarl C Lands
Shineshadow Snarl C Lands
Necroblossom Snarl C Lands
Furycalm Snarl C Lands
Frostboil Snarl C Lands
Archway Commons C Lands
Access Tunnel C Lands
Regrowth C Mystical Archive
Village Rites C Mystical Archive
Opt C Mystical Archive
Blue Sun’s Zenith C Mystical Archive
Defiant Strike C Mystical Archive
Pilgrim of the Ages D White
Expel D White
Pestilent Cauldron D MDFCs
Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios D MDFCs
Wormhole Serpent D Blue
Test of Talents D Blue
Serpentine Curve D Blue
Divide by Zero D Blue
Umbral Juke D Black
Tenured Inkcaster D Black
Mage Hunter D Black
Hunt for Specimens D Black
Pillardrop Warden D Red
Pigment Storm D Red
Academic Dispute D Red
Overgrown Arch D Green
Karok Wrangler D Green
Field Trip D Green
Witherbloom Pledgemage D Multicolored
Spectacle Mage D Multicolored
Silverquill Silencer D Multicolored
Silverquill Apprentice D Multicolored
Prismari Pledgemage D Multicolored
Practical Research D Multicolored
Needlethorn Drake D Multicolored
Manifestation Sage D Multicolored
Lorehold Pledgemage D Multicolored
Expressive Iteration D Multicolored
Eureka Moment D Multicolored
Elemental Summoning D Multicolored
Elemental Masterpiece D Multicolored
Blood Researcher D Multicolored
Aether Helix D Multicolored
Codie, Vociferous Codex D Colorless
Despark D Mystical Archive
Urza’s Rage D Mystical Archive
Stonerise Spirit D White
Clever Lumimancer D White
Ageless Guardian D White
Academic Probation D White
Symmetry Sage D Blue
Resculpt D Blue
Ingenious Mastery D Blue
Novice Dissector D Black
Go Blank D Black
Hall Monitor D Red
Spined Karok D Green
Exponential Growth D Green
Witherbloom Command D Multicolored
Teach by Example D Multicolored
Square Up D Multicolored
Daemogoth Titan D Multicolored
Culmination of Studies D Multicolored
Strixhaven Stadium D Colorless
Excavated Wall D Colorless
Cogwork Archivist D Colorless
Faithless Looting D Mystical Archive
Chaos Warp D Mystical Archive
Strategic Planning D Mystical Archive
Mana Tithe D Mystical Archive
Stonebinder’s Familiar D White
Detention Vortex D White
Teachings of the Archaics D Blue
Solve the Equation D Blue
Reject D Blue
Mercurial Transformation D Blue
Confront the Past D Black
Mascot Interception D Red
Illuminate History D Red
Verdant Mastery D Green
Containment Breach D Green
Double Major D Multicolored
Culling Ritual D Multicolored
Channel D Mystical Archive
Adventurous Impulse D Mystical Archive
Duress D Mystical Archive
Dark Ritual D Mystical Archive
Teferi’s Protection D Mystical Archive
Revitalize D Mystical Archive
Gift of Estates D Mystical Archive
Eager First-Year F White
Devastating Mastery F White
Beaming Defiance F White
Waterfall Aerialist F Blue
Soothsayer Adept F Blue
Unwilling Ingredient F Black
Promising Duskmage F Black
Professor’s Warning F Black
Plumb the Forbidden F Black
Essence Infusion F Black
Arrogant Poet F Black
Start from Scratch F Red
Grinning Ignus F Red
Fuming Effigy F Red
First Day of Class F Red
Blood Age General F Red
Springmane Cervin F Green
Charge Through F Green
Tend the Pests F Multicolored
Owlin Shieldmage F Multicolored
Make Your Mark F Multicolored
Lorehold Excavation F Multicolored
Exhilarating Elocution F Multicolored
Cram Session F Multicolored
Zephyr Boots F Colorless
Reflective Golem F Colorless
Campus Guide F Colorless
Biblioplex Assistant F Colorless
Introduction to Prophecy F Colorless
The Biblioplex F Lands
Primal Command F Mystical Archive
Thrill of Possibility F Mystical Archive
Infuriate F Mystical Archive
Increasing Vengeance F Mystical Archive
Grapeshot F Mystical Archive
Whirlwind Denial F Mystical Archive
Brainstorm F Mystical Archive
Divine Gambit F Mystical Archive
Secret Rendezvous F White
Fervent Mastery F Red
Dragon’s Approach F Red
Tangletrap F Green
Rushed Rebirth F Multicolored
Fracture F Multicolored
Spell Satchel F Colorless
Whether the Storm F Mystical Archive
Krosan Grip F Mystical Archive
Stone Rain F Mystical Archive
Claim the Firstborn F Mystical Archive
Tendrils of Agony F Mystical Archive
Tainted Pact F Mystical Archive
Inquisition of Kozilek F Mystical Archive
Mind’s Desire F Mystical Archive

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