Streets of Rage 4 Beginners Guide – Essential Tips To Play The Game

Let's Fight

Remember old-school street fighting games? They are one which shaped today’s action-packed PC and Consoles game. Street Fighter games bring the joy of one-to-one combat, Street of Rage 4 is one among them. Recently if you are looking for a chance to try something cool in street fighting action category then try Street of Rage 4. Available on Steam, this game got 9 out 10, and if you are already playing it then here are some essential beginner tips that will help you.

Streets of Rage 4 Beginners Guide

Punches, kicks, WWE moves, Street of Rage 4 is all about intrusive street combat. Some character-specific special abilities can help you to deal with stronger enemies. Before you begin to learn about your character, most of the moves are common among them but there are additional things you can try out. For example, Blaze, using the environment, etc. This guide will help you to in understanding the basics of combat as well you can get pro tips on how to win in Streets of Rage 4.

Game Controls:

Before you jump into the action learn the controls properly. It will save you time and help you to unleash the attacks when you need them the most. The game is straightforward one-to-one combat, walking near the enemies and hitting them hard to the ground. But as you level you will have to be defensive against strong enemies. There is where learning game controls will help you a lot. Here are a Streets of Rage 4 PS4 control guides.

  • Move – Left stick / D-pad
  • Jump – X
  • Attack – Square
  • Special – Triangle
  • Pickup – Circle
  • Throw Weapon – Circle
  • Back Attack –  R2 / Left stick back + Square
  • Star Move – Circle + Triangle / R1

Do not waste Weapons and Items:

In Streets of Rage 4, there are many weapons and items you can collect in the combat. Most of these items are hidden in objects like oil barrels or phone boxes. Break them and press Circle to collect. It is necessary to use weapons and items only when required. That is when you are having enough health to avoid using weapons. Keep them safe for a tougher time. Your health bar is displayed on the top of the screen. Keep a close watch how it is depleting and if you are below 50% it is time to grab a gun. Below is the list of items you can collect and also details on for what purpose you can use them.

  1. Apple – Restore 25% health.
  2. Chicken – Refills your health to 100%
  3. Star – Unlock extra Star Move. Game changing attack that can deal lot of damage.

There are various types of foods in Streets of Rage 4. You can swap them from Options > Food. Check their properties and keep a few Chicken in your inventory. Below are the weapons you can collect during the fight.

  1. Knife
  2. Pipe
  3. Baseball bat
  4. Katana
  5. Spear
  6. Glass bottle

Other than this you can also collect cash to boost your score. There briefcases of cash lying around, only good to boost scores in the game.

Best Character – Blaze

Blaze is the best character to use in Streets of Rage 4. She is faster than other characters and capable of unleashing some quick moves to cause extra damage. The speed here is everything that makes Blaze a strong contender in the game. Her combos, offensive moves, etc are all good enough to challenge tougher enemies in Streets of Rage 4.

Forward Hadouken is her offensive special and backward handstand kick is her defensive special. With mid-strength and fast moves, you can use Blaze to beat down the majority of opponents in the game. Flying kick is Blaze’s special that gives you a good range. So if you are looking for a character to start with or in co-op then keep Blaze in the to of the list.

How to fight?

The most important thing is the fight is using Combos whenever required. Combos give you higher hits, on console pressing Square multiple times unleashes Combos on enemies. And then comes Strong Attack. This can be used when enemies’ health is low and you want to quickly end the fight. But Strong Attack in Streets of Rage 4, requires charging. You can only use this attack when your character is flashing in yellow. So a kind of restricted move but can be a game-changer when used at the right time. Focus a lot on defensive attacks. Sometime you will be attacked from behind so be ready for counter-attacks. You can reduce damage and focus on hitting enemies harder. Be ready to pick up weapons when needed.

Special Attack is something you can use only if you are having enough health left. Because it consumes health, and it is best when you are surrounded. If there are too many opponents then a Special Attack can help you to make a way out. Keep it reserved for defense when there is no option left. The best part of using Special Attack is that till the time it is active you cannot take damage neither this attack can be blocked.

Finally, the last on is Star Move, this is your character’s ultimate ability. Press triangle + circle to perform a Star Move. It will damage every enemy in the range. But this also comes with a cost.

Buy Extra Lives?

Streets of Rage 4 has a point system, it is the reward you earn by beating down enemies. These points can be used to purchase Extra Lives. As a backup, if you are having enough in your pocket then why not add some extra souls. You can add three additional lives, but this requires enough points. Below is the cost of extra lives in Streets of Rage 4.

  • 8000 Points – 1 Extra Live
  • 16000 Points – 2 Extra Lives
  • 24000 Points – 3 Extra Lives

So these are some of the best beginners tips you can remember while playing Streets of Rage 4.