Street Fighter Duel Tier List & SF Reroll Guide

Looking for the best fighter characters? Check out our Street Fighter Duel Tier list for all the best characters ranked from best to worst.

Street Fighter: Duel features many fighter characters that you can unlock within its gacha system. But if you recently started playing this mobile game, there are chances its extensive character roster can confuse you. Not to worry, as we have compiled all the characters and placed them into different tiers ranging from S tier to D Tier. So, check out our Street Fighter (SF) Duel Tier list for the best characters ranked from best to worst.

Street Fighter Duel Tier List

street fighter duel tier list reroll

Here’s the Street Fighter Duel tier list ranking all the characters from best to worst:

Tiers Best Characters (Fighters)
S Tier Juri
S Tier Poison
S Tier Oni
S Tier Mad Ryu
S Tier M. Bison
S Tier Guile
S Tier Gouken
S Tier Gentleman Cody
A Tier Gen
A Tier Evil Ryu
A Tier El Fuerte
A Tier E. Honda
A Tier Dhalsim
A Tier Elena
A Tier Cammy
A Tier C. Viper
A Tier Balrog
A Tier Akuma
A Tier Red Lotus Fighting King Ken
A Tier Rose
A Tier Vega
A Tier Sagat
A Tier Yun
A Tier Yang
A Tier Chun-Li
A Tier T. Hawk
A Tier Ryu
A Tier Rufus
B Tier Rolento
B Tier Makoto
B Tier Ken
B Tier Cody
B Tier Dan
B Tier Sakura
B Tier Ibuki
B Tier Seth
C Tier Hakan
C Tier Hugo
C Tier Decapre
C Tier Blanka
C Tier Adon
C Tier Sakura
C Tier Ibuki
C Tier Dan
D Tier Cody
D Tier Dudley
D Tier Dee Jay
D Tier Zangief
D Tier Abel
D Tier Guy
D Tier Fei Long

From the above tier list, you might have an idea about the most overpowered fighter characters. That’s right! All the characters placed in the S Tier are the best and most overpowered ones. Once you unlock these characters, we suggest unlocking their true potential by upgrading them. A full party along with any of these characters can net you a win during the endgame or any game modes. But if you could not get these characters into your collection, we suggest unlocking the A-tier characters. These characters can be potentially upgraded to match the S Tier characters. However, these characters might lack the prowess of the S Tier characters in some aspects.

Speaking of the B Tier characters, these are best during the early game. These characters can be unlocked easily and fill your party. But try to replace these characters with better ones once you unlock them. Next up, all the characters in the C Tiers can be considered weak or bad characters. Although some characters can be situationally used, most characters have pretty less buffs and powers. But note that these characters can be exceptionally great with some game modes. Lastly, the D tier has the worst characters. These characters can be easily overthrown while playing any game mode. So, if you have unlocked any of them, we strongly recommend replacing them with higher-tier characters.

How to Reroll in SF Duel

Since it’s a gacha mobile game, you can pull the initial draws for free when you start the game. But for the players that didn’t receive the characters they wanted, you can reroll to get them.

So, here’s how you can reroll in Street Fighter Duel:

  • Firstly, log in as a Guest user from an account as you launch the game.
  • Once you open the Server Launch bag from the inventory, it will reward you with one character.
  • If you didn’t get the character you wanted, head over to the Player Settings. You can tap your player icon to launch the Player Settings.
  • Then, tap the Select Server button in the bottom-right corner.
  • Choose a new server to restart the game.
  • Finally, start the game and reroll to get the most overpowered characters in Street Fighter Duel.

That’s everything covered about the Street Fighter Duel tier list. If you liked this guide, check out more Tier Lists and Mobile-related Guides in our dedicated sections right here on Gamer Tweak.