Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost: How to Get Chocolate Strange Coins (2020)

If you are enough Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2 you can unlock a weapon from EVA. A recent patch has changed the way coins are rewarded, check this guide for more details.

Chocolate Strange Coins are rare in Destiny 2. Festival of the Lost brings one more chance to farm the limited time Strange Coins. This is tough and I will be sharing all the tips you can apply to fill your pocket fast. In one of the objectives of Festival of the Lost, you will have to find Strange Coins. These coins can be used to unlock new items from Eva. You can unlock a 950 Auto-Rifle from Eva if you are having enough Chocolate Strange coins in your pocket. So let’s begin with the guide.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Chocolate Strange Farming Tips – 2020

There more than one way to earn Strange Coins in Destiny 2. I will be adding a mix of different methods that can be used in the game.

Earn Chocolate Strange Coin for free while AFK

There are certain requirements to earn a free Chocolate Strange Coin while in AFK. First, you must be are recommended power level on or above 750. Enter a forge for example Haunted Forest on Mercury. You will have to AKF for 15 minutes, make sure you die after the timer runs out. Do not forget to shoot when there is around 6 to 7 minutes of the timer is left. All you have to do is stay on the ground for 15 minutes. In the end, run to the chest and you will earn one single coin and some candies. This is the first method to farm Chocolate Strange Coins in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost.

Play Bounties by EVA

Meet EVA and play one of her bounties. This is a 100% accurate method to earn Chocolate Strange Coin in Destiny 2. Ample of objectives while require to wear Festival of Lost Mask while performing the event. This increases your chances of getting strange coins from the chest.

These two methods will surely guarantee you a Strange Coin drop in Destiny 2. The objective is to complete this target faster and reach the end treasure chest. You can earn some candies also, Festival of the Lost was first active in 2019. At that time users reported multiple ways to farm Strange Coin. I am listing them here just in case if you try these methods you can farm more. Do not forget to wear a mask while playing the events.

  • Play Strikes
  • Play Gambit
  • Play Crucible
  • Public Events
  • Haunted Forest
  • Altar

Crucible and Haunted Forest are two things you can try out to earn haunted coins fast in Destiny 2. If you can find the secret chest in Haunted Forest there are chances you can earn up to 20 coins at once. The currency is rare and recent updates has changed the number of coins disposed from the treasure chest.