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Stranded Sails Patch – Fixes For Save Game Issue + More Live Now

Fix your Sail

Stranded Sails gets a new patch that brings some fixes among which an important one is associated with Save Game. The patch resolves the issue of corrupt save game, anyone who had dealt with the issue can start the game back again after adding the patch. It will not restore the previous issues, but the patch will help you to avoid it in future. Along with a Stranded Sails Save Game Fix the patch also add a buff that removes energy cost of walking. This puts a high impact on the movement reducing the cost for sprinting while it is active.

Below are Stranded Sails Patch Details:



  • Added a buff that removes the energy cost of walking and reduces the energy cost of sprinting while it is active. This buff is only active during the day after waking up and ends at night
    -Increased sprint speed.



  1. Manual save game bug fix where it caused items to disappear and corrupt save data. If you have found this issue you will, unfortunately, have to start the game from the beginning with this new patch.
  2. Rebalanced energy costs of many actions to compensate for the now “free” walking (with buff). There’s been an increase of energy cost for rowing on low to medium waves (make sure you bring lots of food!).

Have fun.