Stranded Deep Confirmed Coming On On Xbox One & PS4

Live long enough, and you might just make it home…

Open World Survival Game, Stranded Deep was first released in the year 2015. The game was out for PC platforms covering all three major operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux. Out of the blue Beam Games announced console trailer that confirms Stranded Deep is coming for Xbox One and PS4.

Lost on a deserted island Stranded Deep takes you on a lonesome adventure of staying alive at all cost. Featuring hours of exploration, players can build up their camp and survive in a hostile environment until help arrives.

Beam Team Games will be releasing the game on current consoles soon. We are waiting to get more details on the official release date. The game is around for years and did not come out of early access since its launch. Stranded Deep has plenty of players around the world that will lead to a positive response if the game makes its way to console soon enough.

Beam Team Games just released the console trailer and shared no word about its launch and what new players can expect on the console edition. The video trailer shows glimpse of the base gameplay where a plane crash leads to the beginning of an adventure. Deep-sea exploration, setting up camps, exploring the island, facing sharks, etc. are common attributes of Stranded Deep.

Players will be forced to their survival skill in the open-world game, exploration can be done underwater or on new lands. Players will need to focus on their vital signs like hunger, thirst, and exposure to stay alive. Crafting weapons like Spears, Axes will help you to fight and break things, also there are necessary skills to work upon. Like Harvesting, Craftsmanship, Cooing, Physical and Hunting. Each skill will level up your character offering you more power to explore hidden regions.

The trailer is out and we can hear more about Stranded Deep in year 2020.

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