Coin Master: How Do I Stop Someone From Attacking Me?

Apart from the genuine competitive players out there, some of them are quite toxic and keep targeting or hammering your village as they come and go. In both cases, it is your duty to defend your village and save the coins you’ve collected in the game. So, here’s our guide to stop someone from attacking your village in Coin Master. If you empathize with such scenarios, we recommend you check out our guide and learn how to protect your village better.

How to Prevent Attacks in Coin Master

There are a few ways through which you can stop someone from attacking in Coin Master. Find out how to prevent attacks on your village below.

Use Shields

Stop Someone from Attacking in Coin Master

Shields are one of the best ways to protect your village in Coin Master. You get them if you land of three shields in the spinner. You can see your shield inventory near the top-right corner, beside the Menu icon.

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Hatch Pet Rhino

Stop Someone from Attacking in Coin Master

One of the pets in the game, Rhino, can help you protect your village in the game. Rhino has a certain chance to deflect the incoming attacks. At the base level, it stands 10% chance to do so. As you feed it XP Potions and upgrade it, the chances also increase.

Hide your Village (Ghost Mode)

Stop Someone from Attacking Village in Coin Master


Lastly, you can try hiding your village to other players. This trick is called the Ghost mode. Keep in mind that this is not an official in-game feature or function. This is just a workaround which may not be much useful.

Kindly try this at your own risk. You have to simply disconnect your in-game account from your Facebook account. Below, we have explained the steps to do.

  • Log in to Facebook > Click on the Menu button
  • Click on Settings & Privacy menu > Settings tab > Apps & Websites
  • Select Coin Master > Hit the Remove button

That’s all about how to stop someone from attacking in Coin Master. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.