Stray: How To Stop Fan In Chapter 2

Since you are here, the blades of a fan has you baffled in Stray Chapter 2, and this guide will show you how to Stop it.

Stray is one of the latest adventure games with open-world elements. While the player character is a cat who falls into a world of robots, machines, and viruses, your task is simple, get back to your family. Although the missions are not difficult, they can get tricky at times. And in no way should it stop you from making your feline progress in the game. One such tricky task comes almost at the beginning, in Chapter 2. While you are getting ahead in Chapter 2, you will come across a Spinning fan that you need to Stop and get through in Stray. This guide will show you how to do it.

How to Stop Fan & Get Through in Stray Chapter 2

Stray Chapter 2 Stop Fan and Get Through

Many players might wonder if they can just slip between the blades. The answer is no you cannot as you will more likely be shredded. The way forward actually lies in going backward. Here’s what you need to do to stop the fan and get through in Stray:

  • Head back from where you jumped up towards the spinning fan and then get down on the level below.
  • Among the pipes, on your right side, there is a bucket that you need to find.
  • Once you find it, press Triangle to pick it up and carry it up the pipe back to the spinning fan. This is the only that will help you get through and it might take some time to spot the bucket.
  • Next, go close to the Fan and drop it. The bucket will get stuck between the blade and stop the fan in Stray providing you a way through.
  • Additionally, we recommend you be careful when close to the slope as a slip can prove to be disastrous.

That’s all you need on how to Stop Fan & Get Through in Stray Chapter 2. While you are here, make sure you check out more of our Stray Guides at Gamer Tweak.