STO Server Status: Are Star Trek Online Servers Down?

Looking for the Server Status of STO? Here's your guide for it.

Star Trek Online or more widely known as STO is a sci-fi MMORPG. Since its release, fans have enjoyed playing the game which houses over 100 unique locations from Star Trek. Almost like living in those locations if you are a fan of the franchise. While the free-to-play game does have immersive combat features, it is quite possible to lose serves at times. Players are often in the dark regarding the Server Status of STO and whether they are down. In this guide, we will show you possible remedies, show you how to check the servers of Star Trek Online, and see whether the game is offline or not.

STO Server Status – Are STO Servers Down Right Now?

are sto servers down server status

Each game has a dedicated website that players can access to know whether the Servers are down and causing issues or if it is the net. Many times players lose a match due to an internet connection or servers. But to fix the issue, the source of the problem needs to be examined. So here’s how to check the STO Server Status:

  • Head over to the website for the Server Status.
  • Once you are on the website, scroll below to see the list of servers depending on the region.
  • Check the server status for your region. If the bar is green and Online is written in it, the STO servers are not down and any trouble you are facing is due to some other reason.

How Long will Star Trek Online Servers be Down?

There is no way of saying the exact amount of time the STO servers will be down. The time required will depend on the magnitude of the outage. That being said, you can still keep checking the STO server status. Since a big outage might call on the devs to provide an update, you can also follow the Twitter page of Star Trek Online to help you with the same.

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