Get Steep For Free On PC Right Now

Ripping down mountains as you defy gravity in the cold winters is exhilarating and fun, but it comes with a sense of danger. If you are one of who just like to enjoy the visuals from the comfort of your house then you should definitely check out Steep by Ubisoft which is currently going free for PC.

The incredible high octane game titled ‘Steep’ from Ubisoft is currently free on Ubisoft’s Uplay. You have until 21st May to get the game for free on your PC and soar the skies and shoot down dangerous slopes while exploring the beauty of Alaskan mountains and everything that makes it so beautiful.

The game features a variety of modes with each having their own stunts and challenges which will push you to the edge of your seats. You just have to click on this link and then follow the steps involved to get your own free copy of this game.

You get to pick from a number of adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, snowboarding, etc. The game does an incredible job of making your heart pump and also giving you a sense of calm with the beautiful outdoors, a truly relaxing moment.

There is so much this game has to offer so make sure you get your copy at the soonest. Steep is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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