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Steam Summer Sale 2020 Start Date Leaked

Are you looking to buy a game for your PC at cheaper rates? If your answer is yes, we would recommend you to have a little patience for a while. We are saying this because the possible start dates in which the sale of Steam will take place have been leaked and, as you imagine, it is very close.

According to a leak by Pavel Djundik, a member of the Steam Database, he has confirmed recently that the Steam summer sale will take place from June 25 to July 9. This means that the offers will last 2 weeks. Now, it is important to note that, for the moment, Valve has not said anything about it. So, although the information comes from a good source, things may change.


The important thing to notice here is that the dates were initially leaked by Chinese developers, before it was confirmed by others and from what its worth, these are exactly the same dates for last year’s summer sales on Steam.


So, we would only urge you to wait a little while and prepare your wallet, even if the sales of the game are more than a month away. In any case, since this information is not official, so we will ask you to take this news with a pinch of salt, waiting for a piece of official information from Steam.

Steam is a well-known digital distribution store for PC games, and it constantly offers excellent deals on games, and for this, they use certain events per season to generate more movement on the platform. So if you are looking to purchase a game, it is better to wait a little longer before doing so, since the same title you want could go into the promotion during these days in the Summer Steam Sales.

Are you waiting for the Steam summer sale from quite some time? What games would you like to buy? Tell us in the comments below.