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How To Fix Steam Remote Play Controller Not Working?

Read this guide to learn how you can fix the Remote Play Controller not working issue in Steam.

When playing games with friends via the Steam Remote Play feature, you may have come across instances where the controller does not work. Because of this issue, you will not be able to play your favorite games with your mates, and this can be rather frustrating. While such problems can cause you to panic, we’ve got just the solution for you in this guide.

How To Fix Steam Remote Play Controller Not Working?


steam remote play controller

If Both Players Cannot Play

If you come across an issue where both you and your friend are unable to play due to the Steam Remote Play controller issue, the first step you can take to rectify it is to try and reconnect your controllers. You can do so by simply turning the power off and then on again.


Another thing you should check is if the Inputs correspond to the controller buttons. If they do not correspond, you can do so and then verify if this solves the issue.

If Only Player 2 Cannot Play

You first need to check if the screen of the second player does not move when playing a game on Steam. Another thing you need to verify is if the communication is slow or laggy.


If all of these problems occur, you need to head to the Settings tab in Steam. From here, head to General Controller Settings, and then to the Controller Settings menu. Check if the target controller setting support box is checked. If it is checked, you will find a tick mark next to this option. In case this option is not checked, you will need to do so.

Another solution (if the one mentioned above does not work) you should try to reconnect the controller. To do so, all you need to do is turn the power off and on again.

Also, if you are Player 1, you need to ensure your controller is not connected to the 1P side, especially if you are using a mouse to play.

These were all of the solutions to the Remote Play Controller not working in Steam. As you can see, you can fix this problem quite easily. All you need is some patience, and the right steps, which we have shown you in this guide.


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