How To Fix Steam Not Sending Verification Email

If you are left feeling anxious by Steam not sending you verification, read this article to check out possible causes and how you can fix it.

If you are one of those who has found that Steam has not sent verification emails, check out how you can fix it with this article. There are several reasons why this error might occur. We will discuss all of these.

Steam Not Sending Verification Email Fix

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Check out the potential causes of Steam not sending verification and possible ways you can fix them.

There are a number of different reasons that can cause Steam to fail to send you an email to verify your account.

Spam Email Folder

  • One of the most common reasons you will fail to spot a verification mail is because it was most likely redirected to your spam folder.
  • Open the Spam folder in your inbox and search for any mails from Steam.
  • If you do find the said mail, your problem is as good as solved. You will only need to remember where the mails get sent the next time you look for them.

Incorrect Steam Email Address Fix

  • Remember to check if you provided Steam with the right email address to send the verification link to.
  • Often, you may either spell your email address incorrectly or send an invalid email address altogether.
  • While this may look like a trivial error, it is very common among users. So make sure to double-check your email address details before you proceed in Steam.

Steam Servers Malfunctioning

  • Steam servers are known to suffer outages quite frequently.
  • This could be one of the reasons you may not receive your verification mails.
  • You can check the status of Steam servers on websites like Downdetector and SteamDB among others.

Internet Issues

  • This is one of the simplest reasons why you might not receive a verification mail from Steam.
  • Make sure to check if your internet is functioning properly and smoothly.

Other Reasons

  • If you notice that you are the only one not receiving verification mails from Steam, you will need to visit the support page for assistance.

These are some of the potential causes of the error where you might not receive verification emails from Steam. Most of these causes are minor in nature and you can fix them quite quickly. If you fix these issues will enable you to receive the verification email from Steam.

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