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Steam Maintenance Schedule – Is It On Tuesdays?

What is the duration of the downtime users face while there's a Steam Maintenance going on? Here's all you need to know.

Every online platform requires some time off to fix issues related to server instability or unexpected events. Plus, with a growing number of users, the developers will also need to increase the server capacity and Steam is no different. Here’s everything you need to know about Steam Maintenance Schedule and how long it lasts.

Steam Weekly Maintenance Schedule Duration


Steam undergoes maintenance on Tuesdays during which users will face connection, login and other issues. If you are unable to access Steam or games, here’s how you can check if Steam servers are down for maintenance currently or not. If a maintenance period is planned, then it should last for about an hour or less. But if there’s a server problem or issues with the network, security, hardware or anything else, the outage will be sudden. In such a scenario, we can’t say how long the downtime will last because it depends on the severity of the issue and what needs to be done to fix it.

Steam’s office is located in the United States and this scheduled activity will take place during the working hours in the Pacific time zone. Hence, there is no fixed time of downtime. They try to avoid doing it during the peak hours in Pacific Time, so that the majority of payers aren’t affected by it.

steam downtime how long duration


During maintenance, PC players will not be able to access Steam or its content but don’t worry! You can check back again after one or two hours and things should run smoothly then. Since Steam as a service is available worldwide, there are users online throughout the day and night depending on the time zones. The developers ensure that the maintenance schedule aligns with the presence of the team in office so that they can fix any issues that might come up after, as well.

Why is Downtime Scheduled for Steam?

As you already know, Steam can schedule downtimes to fix problems or even to improve the way the servers work by adding some features. The changes can be minor but could make a major difference in your experience. Or it could be a big change that transforms the way Steam works. Since Steam boasts of a huge number of users, the maintenance schedule ensures that the system stays running properly.


That’s all about Steam’s maintenance schedule on Tuesdays and how long it could last. For more about Steam, head over to our guides on Gamer Tweak!