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Full List Of Status Effects And Conditions In Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Here is a full list of Status Effects and Conditions in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Many things can affect the outcome of Pokemon battles. Apart from just using attacks that deal damage, you can use moves that affect the status of your foe. Likewise, you can also be a victim of the Status Effect attacks. To deal with them, you must learn what each condition does. In this article, we will give you a full list of Status Effects and Conditions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


Full List of Status Effects and Conditions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Poisoned Pikachu

Status Effects and Condition attacks are strategic moves to weaken your Pokemon or render it useless in a battle. However, you can deal with them using certain medicines, berries, and items. Some of them show on your health bar while others don’t. So we are dividing them into Main and Hidden.

Main Status Effects and Conditions


If your Pokemon is poisoned, then it will lose a part of its health every round. Moves like Gunk Shot and Cross Poison cause this condition. If Badly Poisoned, the damage your Pokemon takes increases with every round. To heal this condition, you can use an Antidote or the Pecha Berry. Certain abilities like Immunity, Magic Guard, and Poison Heal reduce the effect of Poison.



A Paralyzed Pokemon may not be able to move which results in missing a turn. Moves like Bolt Strike and Discharge cause this Paralysis. It can also happen if you use a physical attack against a Pokemon with a Static ability. To heal this effect, you can use a Paralyze Heal or a Cheri Berry. Electric types and Pokemon with “Limber” ability are immune to Paralysis.


Like Poison, a Burned Pokemon loses its HP every round. Moreover, its Attack stat is reduced. Moves like Blaze Kick and Fire Fang cause this status effect. You can use Burn Heal or a Rawst Berry to heal this effect. Fire types will not be affected by this effect. And Abilities like Water Veil, Heatproof, and Flare Boost will have certain effects if burned.



If your Pokemon falls asleep, it won’t move until it wakes up. Only the ones who know Sleep Talk and Snore will attack while asleep. Moves like Grass Whistle and Sleep Powder cause this effect. The Pokemon may wake up in 2-5 turns or you can use Awakening or Chesto Berry. Abilities that affect this condition are Insomnia and Vital Spirit.


If your Pokemon is Frozen, it will miss a couple of turns until it’s thawed out. Moves like Blizzard and Ice Beam may cause this condition. You can use an Ice Heal or an Aspear Berry to heal it. Ice Types and Pokemon with Magma Armor ability will be unaffected by Freeze. Similarly, if Sunny Day is active or Fire-type moves like Flame Wheel, Flare Blitz, or Sacred Fire can cure Freeze.


Hidden Status Effects and Conditions in Scarlet & Violet


A confused Pokemon may attack itself and lower its HP for several turns. Moves like Confuse Ray and Swagger cause this condition. The Own Tempo ability prevents confusion while Tangled Feet raises the evasiveness of the confused Pokemon.


A Curse can be used by Ghost-type Pokemon. If cursed, the Pokemon loses its health every round. To heal this condition, you can switch the Pokemon or finish the battle.


If infatuated, a Pokemon may refuse to attack its foe. Moves like Attract cause this condition however it can only be used on the opposite gender. To heal this Infatuation, you have to swap the infatuated one. The Oblivious ability prevents infatuation.

Items, Moves, and Abilities that Cure All Status Effects and Conditions


  • Full Heal
  • Full Restore
  • Lum Berry
  • Lava Cookie
  • Heal Powder


  • Heal Bell
  • Rest


  • Natural Cure
  • Shed Skin
  • Hydration

We hope this full list of Status Effects and Conditions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet helped you understand the mechanics. For more helpful articles like How to defeat Poppy, visit our SV section soon.