How To Start Secret Genocide Route Snowgrave In Deltarune Chapter 2?

Here is one more hidden secret in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Deltarune Chapter 2 is full of secrets, some are unlocked easily while some are hidden behind curtains. Snowgrave Genocide Route is one of the things you can miss easily. In this guide, I am going to help you with unlocking the Secret Snowgrave Genocide route. It is something similar to the previous one and is hidden. There will be no impact on game-ending, all you have to do is follow the path in this guide to access this hidden Deltarune Chapter 2 Route.

How To Start Deltarune Chapter 2 Secret Genocide Route (Snowgrave)?

Deltarune: Noelle's Snowgrave Alternate Route

You will have to wait until Kris and Noelle joins their party. Wait until Susie and Ralsie leaves Kris and shortly after this Neoelle joins in. Here you can create a save game before picking a different route. So in case, you find that your choices were not right you can start again. If you are at this point, then it’s time to unlock the hidden route.

  1. Go to Trash Zone and clear up all the enemies.
  2. Kris will defend and Noelle will use Ice Shock on enemies.
  3. Look for the hole on the west of Trash Zone.
  4. Walk towards Spamton’s Shops, the door is locked.
  5. Walk to the end of the Trash Zone and use Noelle’s power to freezer all the enemies. Let Kris defend.
  6. Look for the Ferris Wheel sign on the map. This will start a new run, but before starting this clear all the enemies.
  7. You will have two choices after this – A-“I will ride with you.” and B-“Noelle will ride with me.”
  8. Next talk to the salesman in the room and select “We’re something else.”
  9. The salesman will offer Kris a Freeze Ring. Keep picking the right choice until you see the “Get it” option.
  10. Noelle will wear the ring, for the second one you will have to solve a puzzle.
  11. Talk to Noelle and pick the option “It’s natural.”
  12. Be ready for the next wave of energy, make sure you freeze them all using Noelle’s power.
  13. Here will be a dumpster room on your way, it will drop an easter egg.
  14. For the second ring, you will have to interact with the dumpster, and find Spamtom.
  15. He will tell you the number of enemies to kill. Kill it and return to Spamtom.

Remember the location of Spamtom, after killing the number of enemies return to him at the dumpster’s room. He will give you a Thorn Ring, equip to Noelle. While attacking make sure you use Noelle’s magic of freezing enemies. Or else you will lose track. Just as a hint keep an eye on the cars while on the route. If they are gone then it means you are o the Snowgrave route.

The route can be tough to figure out, to help check out the above video. It does not show you the starting point but you can track down the progress and see if you are on the right track. There are hidden references that reveal a lot about the run.