How To Start New Game Plus Mode In Code Vein (Steps)

Wondering how you can activate the New Game Plus in Code Vein? Then here's all about it.

In Code Vein, you can easily start the New Game Plus mode and relive the story in enhanced NG+ difficulty. For those who are unaware, once the players have completed the story they get a chance to replay it with all the previously acquired stats & items. However, you’ll not get to carry over and keep all the things, which we will talk about later on. Now let’s just focus on how you can activate the NG+ mode in the game.

How Can I Start New Game Plus (NG+) in Code Vein?

How Can I Start New Game Plus (NG+) in Code Vein?

In Code Vein players can start the New Game Plus (NG+) mode by heading to the Home Base, after defeating the final boss, Virgin Born. Once you reach there simply interact with the big door located in front of the Mistle and that’ll do the trick. Before you can enter the door, you’ll see a window asking for confirmation. And also asking if you’d like to play the game is Enhanced difficulty or the same as before. Playing the game with enhanced difficulty will add a Star to your save file. However, make sure you have saved your game to carry over the stats and items you have acquired in the current playthrough.

On the other hand, many players have been facing an issue where they spawn back in front of the final boss after saving the game. If you are coming across the same issue, the according to a Reddit Thread, all you have to fast travel back to Home Base. Once done, rest at the Mistle and enter the door to get the NG+ option. If you are wondering what items & stats you’ll be able to carry over to the New Game Plus mode then scroll down for details.

  • All your Partners
  • Blood Codes
  • Gifts
  • Mistles and Teleport option
  • All Trade Points with NPCs
  • All the Levels
  • Most of the Items

But as a downside, you’ll lose the NPC quest progression, Doors, Elevators, Vestiges, and Blood markers.

That sums up all about how to start New Game Plus (NG+) mode in Code Vein easily. If you’d like to make the game even more interesting then check out this list of Best Mods you should try. Also, take a look at the 2023 upcoming games’ release date calendar.