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Bethesda Updated The Official Website of Starfield Space RPG

Starfield Space RPG News

Bethesda Softworks may soon arrange a full-fledged announcement of the sci-fi RPG Starfield, the development of which was announced at the E3 2018 exhibition. This is indicated by the update of the official website of the project. The logos of ESRB and PEGI organizations appeared there, which indicates a possible preparation for the publication of advertising materials.

The ESRB logo can be seen in the lower right corner of the page on the American version of the site. This does not mean that the development of the game is completed. According to information on the ESRB website, a preliminary rating can only be used for promotional materials. Bethesda Softworks may be getting ready to introduce the trailer.


The likelihood that the demonstration will be held in May or June is very high for several reasons. First, Starfield is going to be released earlier than The Elder Scrolls VI, which the company will not talk about in the coming years. This was announced in 2018 by Todd Howard, Project Development Manager of Bethesda Game Studios. Judging by a recent post from Bethesda Softworks vice president of marketing and PR, Pete Hines, plans remain in effect.

Secondly, the time for various digital events begins. Bethesda has canceled its presentation, which had to happen on E3, and will not conduct it even in the online format. But if the Starfield was supposed to be part of it, the game may still be shown at the same moment. For example, this can be a part of the Summer Game Fest. Gamers are confident that the release will take place at the end of this year since Bethesda Softworks prefers to deploy an advertising campaign no more than six months before the release of the game. This happened with Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Almost nothing is known about the game itself. It is known that it is created for next-generation systems. According to Howard, it is both similar and different from Bethesda’s RPGs. He noted that there will be many new gameplay mechanics in Starfield, but fans will see many familiar elements in it. The idea of ​​the project appeared back in 2004, but active development began in 2015.


One way or another, it is not known how the COVID-19 pandemic affected Starfield’s development. In addition, back in November 2019, one of the Reddit users said that production is progressing hard. He claimed that Howard paid little attention to the project due to work on other games. However, even if this information is correct, the situation could change.

Source: Gamerant