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Fortnite – How To Get Star Wars Weapons

Hello There! Check out our guide on how to get Star Wars weapons in Fortnite.

With the release of the most recent update, Darth Vader has marched his way into the Fortnite island. He is surely not a force to be reckoned with. Powerful Weapons you need, to defeat him. Apologies for speaking like Yoda. In the event of facing him, you need to equip some of the Star Wars weapons up your sleeves. But where to find them? Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to get the Star Wars weapons in Fortnite.

How to Get Star Wars Weapons in Fortnite


As of now, there are two major weapons to find throughout the map of Fortnite. One is the E-11 Blaster Rifle and the other is Darth Vader’s Lightsaber. You can find the E-11 Blaster Rifle in the imperial special chests located at the Stormtrooper Outposts. You can recognize these buildings as white buildings with a few Stormtroopers wandering around. As you head inside, search the imperial chest to find an E-11 Blaster Rifle along with some other loot.

fortnite star wars weapons
Image Source – HarryNinetyFour on YouTube.

The following are some of the locations to find the Outposts:


  • South of the Greasy Grove
  • Northwest of the Logjam Lotus
  • Southeast of the Coney Crossroads

Speaking about Lord Vader’s Lightsaber, you need to fight and defeat him to get it. For that, you need to track him down first.

Star Wars Darth Vader Location


Given the status of a Sith Lord, Vader’s location randomizes for each match. On top of that, he will always be accompanied by two Stormtroopers. But how to find him?

  • When you are about to land from the Battle bus, look out for a ship landing beside you. If you are closer to this ship as you land, you can see a bluish glow highlighting its location.
  • You can find a couple of Blaster Rifles and Lord Vader himself at this location. Although we recommend not fighting him without insufficient supplies.
  • While the Blaster Rifles has unlimited ammo, you cannot underestimate his power. We suggest dealing with the Stormtroopers before fighting him.
fortnite how to get star wars weapons
Image Source – HarryNinetyFour on YouTube.


  • With his light saber and a strong connection to Force, defeating Darth Vader can be a difficult challenge.
  • As we know how ruthless he is, he can bring down giant objects upon you, jump to your location, or use force to bring you closer.
  • He is a mythic boss that won’t hold back to defeat you. But once you defeat him, you can get your hands on his Sith Saber.
  • It can be an efficient weapon as you can throw it and have it back.

Now, it’s natural to have some trouble defeating Lord Vader. So, check out our guide on how to defeat Darth Vader for more insight.

That’s everything covered about how to get Star Wars weapons in Fortnite. If you liked this guide, check out more guides on our dedicated section for Fortnite right here on Gamer Tweak.