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How To Easily Play Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer With Friends

Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer How To Play With Friends And Invite Friends with crossplay. Invite friends from PC, Xbox One and PS4 in Star Wars Squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons is best enjoyed with you play with friends, while that is the absolute truth, you still can have loads of fun while teaming up with random teammates from all over the internet. If you want to know about Star Wars Squadrons and how to play with friends, check this guide out.


How To Play Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer With Friends

In Star Wars Squadrons, you will be teamed up with four different players, you can ask your friends to tag along for a more cohesive experience or you can just find random people online. Nevertheless, if you really want to get into the game with friends, here’s what you need to do.

Before you start the match, make sure that you and your friends get into a squad together. You’ll need to invite your friends to the game if you’re creating the party. Here’s how to invite friends to your squad in Star Wars Squadrons.

How To Invite Friends To Your Squad In Star Wars Squadrons?

star wars squadrons invite friends

If you’re on the PlayStation 4 you will need to press the touch bar on your PS4 DualShock controller to access the Social Menu. If you’re on the Xbox One, press the View button to do the same.


When your friend list opens up, select the ones that you want to play with and if you’re on the PS4 press X and A if you’re on the Xbox One console.

Select the Invite option and this will send them an invite with which they can join your squad.

As soon as they accept the invite, their pilot and name will be shown on the list to your left side of the social screen. When all of the squad is present, select the multiplayer mode that you want to play in and jump right in.

How To Accept Squad Invites in Star Wars Squadron?

For this to work, you will need one of your friends to create a squad and then send you the invite from their friends list.


All you have to do is simply accept the invite and then you can jump right in the game, you happen to miss the invite due to some reason, there’s no need to panic.

You can join your friend’s game by opening up the Social menu in Star Wars Squadrons by pressing R1 on PS4 and RB on your Xbox One console. Here you will see the Invitations tab, select it, and join the game.

Does Star Wars Squadron Support Crossplay?

Yes, Star Wars Squadrons has the crossplay feature, this means that no matter what platform your friends are on, you can play with them. Star Wars Squadrons delivers a seamless experience across all supported devices and you can enjoy the game regardless of what platform you have.

This is all there is to know about how to play Star Wars Squadrons with your friends, make sure to check out the max level cap and how to level up quickly.