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Star Wars: Squadron Is An Intergalactic Dog Fight Made Of Dreams

Star Wars: Squadrons looks and feels like the intergalactic space dogfight game that we have been waiting for all these years. It manages to bring the best part of Battlefront 2 of Galactic assault in a 5v5 battle that will have both the Empire and Republic forces going against each other.

Another major announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons is the fact that it will be priced at $39.99 making it a really attractive option for those looking for some space battles with iconic spaceships like the TIE Fighter and the X-Wing being a major part of it.

star wars squadron 3

Now we do not have any gameplay videos as of now, but if there is an option to go first-person perspective rather than just a third-person perspective, it will make immersion that much better.

Star Wars: Squadrons is releasing on 2nd October 2020 and this means current-gen console owners and PC owners will be able to get their hands on this amazing game.

Star Wars: Squadrons also has a single-player story that will be set near the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, so be prepared for some amazing and breathtaking visuals and hopefully some captivating storyline.

Iconic scenes from the Star Wars canon have been included like the destruction of the Death Star also known as the Battle of Endor, along with some cameos by some familiar faces from the Star Wars galaxy.

If done right, it looks like Star Wars Squadron will certainly be a huge draw and more will be revealed about the game during EA Play which is scheduled to go live on June 18, 2020, at 4 PM PT.

It was already announced that a new Star Wars game was going to be revealed after the Xbox homepage accidentally leaked the title and the first picture, making EA spill the beans about today’s reveal. You can check out about it right here.

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