Star Wars: Maverick Will Be Revealed on June 9 – Report

Even after the delay of many important events planned for the next week, it would seem that Electronic Arts is still planning to announce the much-rumored Star Wars: Maverick next week, precisely on June 9th.

According to the Instagram user Bespin Bulletin, he has speculated that Star Wars: Maverick will be revealed on June 9 with an image and description, that you can check below:

Hello there! You may recall last week myself and many others were posting about a Project Maverick reveal for June 2nd. Project Maverick is the upcoming Star Wars video game being developed by EA Motive who previously worked on the Star Wars: Battlefront ll campaign and on Anthem. The reveal had never been officially announced by EA but was postponed to an unknown date…until now.

Project Maverick is expected to be revealed on JUNE 9TH.

What exactly is being shown I do not know for sure- it could be a teaser or a full-blown trailer. Either way, Star Wars fans should be excited!

Back in February of this year I exclusively reported that EA Motive’s video game was next to be released with a 2021 release. EA themselves confirmed that the next Star Wars game would release in the fiscal year 2022 (April 2021-March 2022). Once Project Maverick’s artwork leaked via the PlayStation Network in March, I revealed that I’d heard the video game is a combat flight simulator.

We remind you that these are mere rumors, so you should take this information with a pinch of salt. In addition, at the moment we do not know if Electronic Arts will “respect” the date cited by the leaker, or if it would prefer to delay the announcement of Star Wars: Maverick.

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