Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Update – New Journey Plus and More

A surprise free update is here!

After the success that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order saw after its release in late 2019, fans expected a DLC to continue experiencing the Jedi life in the game. Well, we don’t have a DLC yet, but we have a pretty exciting update.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order New Journey Plus Update

In a patch released on Star Wars Day, that is May 4th 2020, players got a free game mode called New Journey Plus where you can unlock cosmetic rewards, more combat challenges and more.

Check out the reveal video here:

In the Free content 1.0.9 patch update, here’s what players will get:

  • You can unlock fresh cosmetics and retake the wonderful journey with your unlocked cosmetics. You must have completed the game in order to be able to replay it with New Journey Plus. The skills and items that you have unlocked before will remain.
  • A new Inquisitor Outfit will get unlocked automatically for Cal Kestis which you can use in New Journey Plus save files.
  • Players will also get a Red Lightsaber Kyber Crystal and lightsaber parts named Protection and Defense I and II.
  • In Meditation Training, there are special arena combat challenges that you can take on. Fight through waves of Imperials or defeat the Empire’s elite Purge Troopers. Every location will have its own challenges. These combat challenges will ask you to complete tasks like beating all enemies, beating them without healing and without taking damage. There are twelve challenges and you will be given a completion rating out of three stars.
  • A Battle Grid has also been added where players can create their own encounters in a sandbox-style mode.
  • That’s not all, you will receive cosmetic rewards for BD-1 as well.

Apart from these, the patch offers bug fixes, tweaks and accessibility updates. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and will be released on Google Stadia in 2020. For more updates and guides, check out our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tips and tricks.